Faculty Expertise

The Faculty Expert list is designed to assist members of the media and the external community in finding spokespeople qualified to address a variety of topics. Not all areas of campus expertise are listed below. Franklin Pierce University can assist reporters and others in locating additional appropriate individuals who may not be included in the list below. General topics are listed alphabetically. Specialties are listed as subcategories below general topics. You may use “Control F” (on a PC) to perform a customized search.

For information on additional sources or for assistance in reaching any of the individuals listed below, please contact Lisa Murray  in the Office of University Relations and Creative Services 603.899.4221 or e-mail

General topics included in this guide:

American History
Education / Instructional Technology
English Literature
Physical Therapy
Russian and Soviet History
Safety and Security
Science / Science Education
Solar Energy
Strategic Management

American History / Studies « back

Dr. Gerald Burns, Professor of English and American Studies

  • American Studies (Literature, History, Culture)

Additional Expertise:

  • Philippine Studies, especially literature and culture
  • Third World Postcolonial Place Studies
  • Teaching College Literature

“Blizzards, Hurricanes and Floods,” in Encyclopedia of New England (Yale University Press, 2005).
“Quiet Boomtown,” in Where the Mountain Stands Alone (University of New England Press, 2006).
“Review of A. Espiritu, Five Faces of Exile,” Journal of International Migration Studies (forthcoming).
“A Joyful Teaching and Learning Experience,” University of the East Today, 2006
“Enemies and Friends: A Consideration of the Burnham Kidnapping,” in Kritika Kultura (forthcoming).

Dr. John Harris, Adjunct Professor of American Studies

  • American Studies, particularly Regional History
  • Heritage Study of Place and Regional Culture in New England

Additional Expertise:

  • British and American Romanticism
  • Environmental Studies, particularly Landscape history of New England

“Teaching Place and Community to Undergraduates,” in Teaching North American Environmental Literature, Frederick Waage, ed., Modern Language Association, Spring 2006.
“Last Train Out of Town,” “Borders and Boundaries,” “Marlborough’s Granite Quarry,” and “Pauperism and Care of the Region’s Poor” in Where the Mountain Stands Alone: Essays of Place in the Monadnock Region, Howard Mansfield, ed., Univ. Press of New England, July, 2006.

Anthropology« back

Dr. Debra Picchi, Professor of Anthropology

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Brazil
  • Indigenous People
  • Political Ecology

Secondary Expertise:

  • Violence and Aggression
  • Human Sexuality
  • Women Around the World
  • Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Societies

“Pressing the Anthropological Agenda Forward.” FOSAP Newsletter: Bulletin of Small Anthropology Programs 11(1): 2-5, 2004.
Bakairi.  Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender.  Eds. Carol and Melvin Ember. Pp. 283-292. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2003.
“Unlikely Amazons: Brazilian Indigenous Gender Constructs in a Modern Context.”  History and Anthropology 14 (1): 23-39, 2003.

Archaeology « back

Dr. Robert Goodby, Associate Professor of Anthropology

  • Native American Archaeology in New England

Additional Expertise:

  • Anthropology
  • Human Evolution

"11,000 Years on the Ashuelot." in Where the Mountain Stands Alone. H. Mansfield, ed. University of New England Press, 2006.
"Working With the Abenaki in New Hampshire." In Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Native Peoples and Archaeology in the Northeastern United States. J. Kerber, ed. University of Nebraska Press, 2006.
Entries on "Wampanoag", "Mashpee", "Pequot", "King Philip", "Mohegans", and "Noam Chomsky." Encyclopedia of New England Culture, Yale University Press, 2005.

Arts « back

Nancy Stone, Chair of the Division of Visual Arts and Performing Arts, Professor of Theater Arts

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Theater History

Additional Expertise:

  • Public Speaking
  • Modern American Drama
  • Art Education

Seamus Pender, Adjunct Professor of Individual and Community

  • Creative Arts
  • Art, History & Culture

Additional Expertise:

  • Performance Art

Ecology « back

Dr. Jacques Veilleux, Assistant Professor of Biology/Environmental Science

  • Mammalian Ecology and Systematics, particularly the Roosting Ecolo 
  • Reproductive Biology of Bats

Veilleux, J.P., J.O. Whitaker, Jr., and S.L. Veilleux. Reproductive Stage Influences Roost Use by Tree-roosting Female Eastern Pipistrelles, Pipistrellus Subflavus. Ecoscience. 11: 249-256, 2004.
Veilleux, J.P. and S.L. Veilleux. Intra-annual and Interannual Fidelity to Summer Roost Areas by Female Eastern Pipistrelles, Pipistrellus subflavus. American Midland Naturalist. 152: 196-200, 2004.
Veilleux, J.P. and S.L. Veilleux. Colonies and Reproductive Patterns of Tree-roosting Female Eastern Pipistrelle Bats in Indiana. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science. 113: 60-65, 2004.
Veilleux, J.P., J.O. Whitaker, Jr., and S.L. Veilleux. Tree-roosting Ecology of Reproductive Female Eastern Pipistrelles, Pipistrellus Subflavus, in Indiana. Journal of Mammalogy. 84: 1068-1075, 2003.

Dr. Catherine Owen Koning, Associate Professor of Environmental Science

  • Wetland Ecology
  • Wetland Science, particularly Hydrology and Plants
  • Restoration Ecology/Mitigation

Additional Expertise:

  • Wetland Protection Policy/Law
  • Plant conservation
  • Invasive Plant Species

Koning, C. 2004. Effects of sediment on vegetation and soils: Results from lab and field experiments.  Wetlands, 24(2):295-308.
Koning, C. 2005. Vegetation patterns resulting from spatial and temporal variability in hydrology, soils and trampling in a northern basin marsh, New Hampshire, USA. Wetlands 25(2): 239-251.

Education « back

Andrea Brode, Founding Director of Goodyear, AZ Campus

  • Adult Education Administration
  • Campus Operations

Additional Expertise:

  • Managerial Communications
  • Organizational Behavior/Leadership

Education / Instructional Technology « back

Maria Garcia, Professor of Graduate and Professional Studies, Manchester Campus

  • Instructional Technologies
  • Distance Education, Defining and Measuring Quality in Distance Education

Additional Expertise:

  • Database Technologies
  • Data Communications
  • Network Technologies
  • Operating Systems for Information Managers
  • Emerging Network Technologies
  • eCommerce
  • Distributed Computing Systems Analysis
  • Design Management Information Systems

English Literature « back

Dr. Sarah Dangelantonio, Professor of English

  • American and British especially Thomas Hardy
  • Critical Editing

Additional Expertise:

  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Writing Across the Curriculum

“The Franklin Pierce Plan.” Changing General Education Curriculum in the New Directions for Higher Education Series, Spring 2004, No. 125.

Management « back

Kent Whitman, Adjunct Professor of Business Administration


  • Business Management with a focus on Quality Business Management Systems

Secondary Expertise:

  • Small Business Management
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Systems
  • Internal Auditing

Marketing « back

Dr. Jason Little, Assistant Professor of Marketing; Computer Science/Natural Sciences

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Managing Arts Organizations
  • Service-based Learning Projects
  • Research for Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

Additional Expertise:

  • Advertising History and Inner Brands
  • Web site Development
  • Green Marketing and Sustainable Business Practices
  • Land-Use Issues

Development of a Web-Based Community for the Business Internship Program at Franklin Pierce College. (Doctoral Dissertation, Nova Southeastern University). Ann Arbor, MI: Proquest Information and Learning. Pub. No. 31458892, July 2005.

Media « back

Jason Zenor, Adjunct Professor of Mass Communication

  • Media and Society, particularly the Relationship Between Entertainment and Politics

Additional Expertise:

  • Politics and Society
  • Social Science Research

"Political Entertainment or Entertaining Politics: A q-analysis of viewer's perceptions of the West Wing." Journal of Human Subjectivity, Fall 2005.

Heather Weibel Tullio, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

  • Video, Film, and animation Production, with a focus on Making Animations for Children with a Positive Message
  • Making Promotional Videos for Community Groups

Additional Expertise:

  • Film Studies: focus on Classical Hollywood Cinema
  • Animation History: focus on animation techniques and animators
  • Media Studies: with a focus on how the media affects children
  • Sign Language: teaching sign language to babies
  • Web Design: for non-profits and community groups

Philosophy « back

Dr. Jed Donelan, Senior Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

  • Philosophy, particularly Political and Ethical Theory

Additional Expertise:

  • History of Philosophy
  • Existentialism
  • Deliberative Dialogue

Physical Therapy « back

Olga LM McSorley, PT, DPT, Concord Campus

  • Orthopedics
  • Aquatics

Additional Expertise:

  • Maternal Health Physical Therapy
  • Community Health and Wellness

Psychology« back

Dr. Craig Platt, Professor of Psychology

  • Developmental Psychology, especially Adolescent and Adult Development
  • College Student Development

Additional Expertise:

  • Educational Psychology

Dr. Davina Brown, Professor of Psychology

  • Family Violence

Additional Expertise:

  • Fetal Development
  • Children’s Cognitive Development
  • Philosophy of Science

Russian and Soviet History « back

Dr. Nickolas Lupinin, Senior Adjunct Professor of Humanities

  • Russian & Soviet History
  • Contemporary Russia and its Various Political, Social, and Cultural Issues

Additional Expertise:

  • Religion, Historical or Modern Context
  • Russia or the West

Religious Revolt in the XVIIth Century: The Schism of the Russian Church.  Princeton, NJ: Kingston Press, 1984.

Safety and Security « back

William Sweet, Director of Campus Safety and Transportation

  • Safety and Security

Additional Expertise:

  • Emergency Communications
  • Crisis (Hostage) Negotiations

Science / Science Education « back

Stanley Freeda, Adjunct Faculty, Graduate and Professional Studies

  • Science, across a broad scope that includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth/Space Science
  • Education, primarily in the areas of Science Education and Standards Based Teaching, Project Design, and Assessment

Additional Expertise:

  • Geology
  • Mathematics

Dr. Frank Hubacz, Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • Science Education, with a focus on Utilizing Guided Inquiry both in the Lecture and Laboratory

Hubacz, F. and P. Tanner (2005).  Problem Solving and Dimensional Analysis. National Science Foundation Project POGIL.
Hubacz, F.  (2004). Reducing Cognitive Load in the Chemistry Laboratory by Using Technology Driven Guided Inquiry Experiments. Dissertation, University of Connecticut.
Hubacz, F. (2004).  General Chemistry I:  Guided Inquiry Investigations. LAD Custom Publishing, Inc. Copyright, 2004.

Solar Energy « back

Leandre Poisson, Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Solar energy; solar energy and agriculture

Solar Gardening: Growing Vegetables Year-round the American Intensive Way, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1994.

Strategic Management « back

Dr. Martin Green, Associate Graduate Professor, MBA in Leadership

  • Strategic Management
  • Statistics

Additional Expertise:

  • Economics
  • Health Practice Management

Green, Martin S., and Crawford, Thomas, “Implications of Medical Malpractice in Northern New England,” Under Development, 2006.
Green, Martin S., “The White Knight Syndrome,” Under Development, 2006.
Green, Martin S., “Successful Organizations Realize the Strengths of Their Members,” NH Business Review, November 3, 2000.