Franklin Pierce Students Headed to Republican and Democratic National Conventions

July 14, 2016

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Through the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication, Franklin Pierce University will provide nine students with a front row seat for next week's Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the following week.

Last year, Franklin Pierce and the Boston Herald teamed up to create an innovative partnership for exclusive coverage of the 2016 presidential elections. Franklin Pierce will again join with the Herald to provide students with the unique opportunity to participate in and report on one of the more fascinating, divisive and potentially historic presidential contests in years.

Through the partnership, students have been able to collaborate with pollsters on the polling process, shadow Herald staffers as they reported from the field, interact with candidates and voters during campaign appearances, and have even contributed their own insights and analysis in the pages of the Boston Herald. 

“It is thrilling that the Fitzwater Center's year-long 15th Anniversary programming is launching with our student media coverage of both national political conventions, and that we are doing so in partnership with the Boston Herald,” said Dr. Kristen Nevious, director of the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication. “This is the third presidential election cycle in which our student media have earned press credentials for these events and the experience will prove to be a game changer for them.  We are dedicated to facilitating these kinds of extraordinary experiences, so you can count on us being on the ground again in 2020.” 

According to Dr. Nevious, students will be assigned stories as the convention unfolds and will be producing video news packages and stories for the Pierce Arrow and the Boston Herald. Each coverage day will begin with the delegation breakfasts and will end after the evening convention sessions.  

The students will also create content to upload to the PoliticsFitzU social media sites. To engage with the students and follow along their journey, hashtag #FitzLines and #PoliticsFitzU on these social media outlets:

•      Facebook: @politicsfitzu

•      Periscope: @PoliticsFitzU

•      Snapchat: PoliticsFitzU

•      Twitter: @PoliticsFitzU

•      YouTube: PoliticsFitzU


Students and faculty attending the Republican National Convention are:

Dr. Kristen Nevious, Director of the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication

Dr. Christina Cliff, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science

Prof. Heather Tullio, Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Alexander Malm '17 (Warwick, RI), PoliticsFitzU Producer, Political Science

Matthew Scoville '17 (Torrington, CT), Mass Communication

Scott DeLaura '17 (Niantic, CT), Mass Communication

Jonathan Spall '18 (Raynham, MA), Political Science 

Kelsey Parker '20 (Dummerston, VT), Fitzwater Scholar, Health Sciences 

Ashley Stevens '17 (Rindge, NH) , Mass Communication

Margaret Bell '18 (Wilton, NH), Political Science 


Students and faculty attending the Democratic National Convention are:

Dr. Kristen Nevious, Director of the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication

Prof. Heather Tullio, Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Alexander Malm '17 (Warwick, RI) , PoliticsFitzU Producer, Political Science

Alexander Powell '17 (Swampscott, MA) , Political Science 

Matthew Scoville'17 (Torrington, CT), Mass Communication

Jonathan Spall '18 (Raynham, MA), Political Science

Kelsey Parker '20 (Dummerston, VT), Fitzwater Scholar, Health Sciences

Margaret Bell '18 (Wilton, NH), Political Science 

Amanda Holland '17 (New Hartford, CT), Mass Communication 

CeLynn Siemons '20 (Fairfax, VT), Fitzwater Scholar, Mass Communication 


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