Pearly Pond Sunset

Pearly Pond Association

The Pearly Pond Association is made up of a group of volunteers who work for the health and enjoyment of Pearly Pond. Members of the PPA work with the NH Dept. of Environmental Services as part of the Volunteer Lake Assessment Program to monitor water quality.

The Purpose of Pearly Pond Association is to help:

  • Protect and improve Pearly Ponds' water quality, shorelines and wildlife;
  • Insure all property owners are informed of federal state and local regulations and law;
  • Monitor all actions of Pearly Pond property owners in relation to maintaining and improving water quality

The Pearly Pond Association owns the dam that controls the water levels, and must maintain the dam and pay the fees to the Department of Environmental Services each year.

Dick Isakson ( )
Vice President: John Lachiana
Secretary: Anne Evans
Treasurer: Ursula Scribner
Water Warden: Bob Scribner