Jordana Korsen

Glass Blowing Instructor

Art Statement
I have been a glassblower and educator for over twenty years and have developed a strong collaboration between my professional and the personal life. As both an artist and an educator I emphasize the importance of community, trust and communication while creating, teaching and learning. As a glass artist, I work in a nontraditional manner challenging the medium by using it as a vehicle to examine, celebrate and question everyday life. Conversely I use traditional craftsmanship to create functional objects. Combining traditional with innovative techniques makes my work unique. I use my fluency in glass as a language which allows me to be expressive. Glass is an extension of my voice. 

Pedagogical Theory
The process, in glassblowing, stands for something greater than creating an object. The lack of ownership and preciousness for an object allows for the celebration of the process. Through glassmaking, we can represent and honor community, teamwork and communication. We can come together to achieve something as a group that is far greater than something we can achieve on our own. Describing glass and community as mediums, they share many of the same qualities. Both can be preserved and protected yet easily shattered and torn apart. Glass as a material holds strength yet the process can involve challenges that can compromise the works integrity. Both glass making and community hold power. Trust, communication and dedication are three clear links which connect glass and community.

The idea of leadership without ownership is one I think all educators should consider adopting. As a glassblower and a glassblowing teacher, I have found it essential to be capable of orchestrating a group through a project without controlling them. The investment made when people choose to work together is large. To guide or influence a group to achieve goals. "Leading" does not require formal authority or power but rather is a matter of influence, integrity, spirit, and respect. My students are prepared to be skilled and ethical leaders who contribute to the effective functioning of society at all levels. Each time a student makes a piece they are the leader. Everyone has an equal chance to both lead and assist. Because of the team nature of the glass medium, being articulate and a leader are indispensable qualities. Ownership is to the process rather than the object. The ownership for me is the commitment to others in the community in which I work. A mutual care and dedication to excellence and creativity are essential in education, glassblowing and in my classroom.

There is the need for trust, communication, leadership, conversation, listening, and risk taking in the classroom. In both the classroom and the community, there is a need for acceptance and patience. Glass is a process oriented medium and I believe so is life. It’s not what we have it’s what we are and what we do that makes us individuals in our communities. There are risks involved in the medium of glass. There is personal space to infringe upon and respect and clear communication that is essential in the classroom and studio. As individuals we are taught to be responsible in our choices and behaviors. In the classroom we need to be aware of everyone involved and include and empower each person equally. By giving each student the potential for success, they often will succeed. 


The Corning Museum of Glass 2008 - present Corning, NY
Glass Blowing Instructor for Hot Glass Blown and Sculptural Intensives

Franklin Pierce University 1995 - present Rindge, NH
Hot Glass Program, Glass Blowing Instructor and Studio Technician

Snow Farm 2000 - present Williamsburg, MA
Glass Blowing Instructor for Hot Glass Intensives

Horizons the New England Crafts Program 1992-2000
Glass Blowing Instructor and Studio Technician

Sharon Arts Center 1999-2007 Sharon, NH
Glass blowing Instructor, Lampworking Instructor

Urban Glass 1996-2001 Brooklyn, NY
Glass Blowing Instructor

Winfisky Glass 1992-1995 Charlemont, MA
Production Glassblower, Studio Technician, Cold Shop and Sales Assistant

MIT 1995 Boston, MA
Instructor for Goblet Making Workshops

Simpson Glass 1995 Shelburne, MA
Equipment Fabrication

Correll Glass 1995 Conway, MA
Equipment Fabrication

Middlesex Polytechnic Institute 1991 London, England
Glass Blowing Internship and assistantship


Goddard College 2011-present, Plainfield, VT
MFAIA Program Masters of Fine Arts/Interdisciplinary Arts

The Corning Museum of Glass 1996, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Corning, NY
Hot Glass Concentrations

North Cambridge Glass School 2011, Cambridge, MA
Venetian Goblet Workshop

Pittsburgh Center for Glass 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Pittsburgh, PA
Hot Glass Concentrations

Penland School of Crafts 1995, 2000 Penland, NC
Hot Glass Concentrations

Sharon Arts Center 2002, 2003, 2004 Sharon, NH
Lampworking Intensives

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts 1997, 1998 Deer Isle, ME
Hot Glass Concentration

Appalachian Center for Crafts 1994 Smithville, TN
Artist in Residence in Hot Glass

Franklin Pierce College 1988-1992 Rindge, NH
BFA Magna Cum Laude Fine Arts Major with a Hot Glass Concentration
K-12 Education Certification in Art

Galleries, Installations and Affiliations

Architectural Lighting Consultant 

  • The Rockwell Group
  • The Miriad Hotel Group
  • Baldinger Lighting
  • Jean George Culinary Concepts

Permanent Collections and Installations

  • American Park at the Battery New York, NY
  • Payard Patisserie & Bistro New York, NY
  • Deercrest Restaurant Salt Lake City, UT
  • Heart Beat Lounge at the Doral Hotel New York, NY
  • The Buckhead Grill Atlanta, GA
  • Lidia’s Kansas City, MO
  • Lidia’s Pittsburgh, PA
  • W Hotel New York, NY
  • The Aria Hotel Las Vegas, NV
  • Serafina (Geisha) New York, NY
  • The W Hotel Boston, MA
  • Samba Grill at the Mirage Hotel Las Vegas, NV
  • The Orchid House at the Resorts International Hotel  Atlantic City, NJ
  • The Berkeley Bar and Grill New York, NY
  • Olives at the W Hotel New York, NY
  • Icon at the W Hotel New York, NY
  • The W Hotel Scottsdale, Arizona
  • LA Sports Club New York, NY
  • Steelhead Grill at the Marriot Hotel Pittsburgh, PA
  • Bongos Restaurant Miami, FLA
  • Mohegan Sun Casino Uncasville, CT
  • Montifiore Hospital Bronx, NY
  • Watercolor Restaurant Watercolor, FLA
  • Intercontinental Hotel Houston, TX
  • Pescado Corral Gables, FLA
  • Atlantis Hotel Nassau, Bahamas
  • Suilan at the Borgata Atlantic City, NJ
  • Novotel Hotel New York, NY
  • The W Hotel Washington D.C.
  • Washington Terrace Hotel Washington D.C.
  • Lucca at the Boca Raton Resort and Club Boca Raton, FLA
  • Kingfish Restaurant Boston, MA


  • The League of NH Craftsmen Galleries in
    Nashua, Littleton, Concord, Merideth, Sandwich, Hanover, Wolfboro, North Conway
  • Exeter Fine Crafts Exeter, NH
  • Sharon Arts Center Peterborough, NH
  • Hannah Grimes Marketplace Keene, NH
  • Carroll Condit Gallery White Plains, NY