Dr. Gerald T. Burns

Jerry Burns


Phone: (603) 899-4293
Fax: (603) 899-4324

Office:  Petrocelli Hall, Rindge

Division Chair, General & Liberal Education
Professor of English and American Studies

Ph.D., American Studies, Yale University, 1984

Author, Presenting America, Encountering the Philippines (1993) and other publications

Coordinator, American Studies Program


Steering Committee, Global Citizenship Program

Monadnock Institute of Nature, Place and Culture

Fulbright Fellowships, 1989-91 and 2005-06

Thank you for your interest in Franklin Pierce. I have been a member of the faculty here for 15 years and am proud to serve the University and its students. I wear a variety of hats on campus and have pursued a range of research and writing interests. If you like you can link to and read more about them from this page. But my “most important business,” as an old TV commercial used to put it, is teaching. I offer many courses in the English Department and American Studies Program, teach regularly in the Individual and Community Curriculum, and have developed a number of special topics such as the literature of the developing world and baseball in American culture. What’s more, I believe that the main point of education is not what the teacher teaches but what the student learns. In keeping with this “learning-centered” philosophy, I encourage students to think of themselves as equal partners in making a course come to life. Plenty of hands-on activities, real-world problem solving, interactive technology, and creative as well as critical writing, ensure that you—if your interest in Franklin Pierce deepens and we come to share a classroom one day—have the opportunity to take an active role in your own learning. 


Reflections on a Fulbright Exchange Semester at UE

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American Experience class investigates history and the natural world at a local site.

Prof. Burns with students in the Philippines, 2006