Paul Bush, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor

I’ve spent more than 20 years in journalism. (As a correspondent for the American News Service – which focused on “solutions oriented” reporting – my articles were published in everything from the New Orleans Times-Picayune to the Anchorage Daily News to the Hartford Courant.) I make sure that Franklin Pierce University's print journalism classes focus on active learning and ethics. By the time students emerge from Advanced Journalism Seminar, the capstone for the concentration, they have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of good journalism.

bushI have now begun to introduce convergent journalism into my classes. Franklin Pierce is the first school in the country to use Control Tower, newsroom management software produced by EPN, of London, England. (In fact, we beat the University of Dortmund, Germany to it, so we’re the first university in the world to use Control Tower.) It allows different classes to work together without actually having to see one another. In 2005 Visual Communicator software was added to the mix. Students get an even stronger exposure to what the newsroom of the future may be like, where print, broadcast and online personnel work side by side.

Because of all this, Franklin Pierce University
offers a tightly integrated journalism concentration that takes advantage of the latest technological advances to help students learn what good journalism is all about.

Course Responsibilities in the Department:
Journalism I
Journalism II
Feature Writing
Convergent Journalism
Advanced Journalism Seminar

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