Sarah Dangelantonio

Sarah Dangelantonio, Ph.D.

Professor of English
Division of Humanities

Ph.D., English, University of Georgia
MA, English, St. Louis University
BA, English, Spring Hill College

Teaching Interests
In all of my interactions with students, from conversations on the common or in the hallways to advising conferences, to classes, I strive to help my students furnish their minds well.  To this end I am constantly refining the courses I teach—even those courses I teach every year—changing readings, adding or deleting authors and works, finding new classroom techniques to engage and challenge students.  I think it is this component of my work, the ongoing development of my courses and my teaching techniques, which is one of my significant contributions to undergraduate education.

Sarah DangelantonioTo encourage deep, active learning, I work hard to engage my students fully in my courses and to impress upon them that the education that’s available to them is theirs to claim, but that they must take an active role in their learning.  My job is to provide the content, the environment, the mentoring that will help them to claim their education and to furnish their minds richly. 

The classroom must always be a dynamic environment—it must not become stagnant.  An educator must be dynamic as well.  I am just as excited about teaching now as I was when I taught my first class in August,  1983.  Being in the classroom still “jazzes” me—teaching is not just my vocation, it’s my avocation, and while I “know” more than I did then and I have a wonderful “tool kit” of teaching strategies and processes for assignment design and evaluation, I’m thrilled by the prospect of “making it new,” of doing it better, of finding more ways of engaging my students and helping them to claim their own education, working with them to make their minds interesting places to be.

I offer many courses in the English Department, teach regularly in the Individual and Community Core Curriculum, and I have developed a number of special topics courses including Young Adult literature, Southern literature, and Contemporary New England writers.  I am the faculty advisor for the Iota Omega Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society.  We sponsor the annual Banned Books Week Read-Out, the Jumpstart Read for the Record, the African-American Read-In and Poem in Your Pocket Day.  Our student members also attend the annual convention each year where they present original work and chair panel presentations.         

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Professional Memberships
• Sigma Tau Delta
• National Council of Teachers of English

Sigma Tau Delta at Franklin Pierce UniversityPersonal Interests
“I have to live with my mind for the rest of my life; I might as well make it an interesting place to be!”

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Phone: 603.899.4034
Office location: Petrocelli Hall 3rd floor