MaryBeth Failla, B.S.

Senior Lecturer, Education

M.A. in English from State University of New York at Stony Brook
B.S. in Education from University of Hartford

Courses Taught
First Year Composition I
First Year Composition II
Writing Skills
Nineteenth & Twentieth Century American Nature Writing
Ancient and Medieval Worlds
Principles of Secondary School Teaching: Methods of Teaching English
First Year Inquiry

Teaching Statement
Inherent in every encounter I have with my students, and clear to all as I enter each class, is the real love I have for teaching. Students know that I appreciate them and that their success is important to me. They know that they will be encouraged to discuss ideas, invited to consider different perspectives, and inspired to think for themselves. Students are ultimately responsible for their own learning, and can leave each course with newly acquired abilities to think critically, to write effectively, and to attain, on their own, the information necessary to be successful in future academic endeavors, and in life.

In my Writing classes, intelligent inquiry is fostered and my focus, on intellectual awareness and understanding to inform the personal, contributes to student success in writing. Writing is always presented as a form of self-discovery that can enhance life experience. I work very closely with my students, through all stages of the Writing Process, to help them develop written works of which they can feel extremely proud. Students know that they can count on me to work with them, individually, to improve their writing, and can derive the benefits of working with a professor who knows their writing and can discuss their progress over the course of the semester.

Teaching Interests
The Teaching of Writing
The Walk in Europe
The Vienna Program

Academic interests include Literature of the Elizabethan Age, the Seventeenth Century, and the Romantic Period, World Religions and Mythology, and Ancient Greek History.

Students in Museum Students by Ocean
Professor Failla with Franklin Pierce students in the Museo Bargello
in Firenze, Italy
Professor Failla with Franklin Pierce Walk in Europe students
in Corfu, Greece

Personal Interests
Before moving to NH in 1988, I worked with an Outdoor Education Program, leading outdoor survival expeditions involving backpacking, hiking, rock climbing and camping. I have always loved the Outdoors, and continue to hike, camp, canoe, and kayak in New England, and enjoy boating off the coast of Long Island. My love of hiking and climbing fueled my interest in leading The Walk in Europe, and my experiences with the Walk in Ireland, and then, with the Walk through Greece, Italy, Switzerland, and France, remain the highlights of my teaching career.

Horse Back Riding

Feeding Horse
Alexandra and Alallin Professor Failla with Alallin

I have traveled extensively, and continue to appreciate the diversity and beauty of human experience. Photography has been a lifelong interest and I currently own CenterLine, a photographic imaging company that specializes in sports and equestrian photography. I live close to Nature with my family, on my small horse farm in Southern New Hampshire. I am a Certified Horseman’s Association Instructor and Trainer, and have lived and worked with horses most of my life. My youngest daughter Alexandra and I have competed the horses we have raised and trained, in Dressage, Show Jumping, and Eventing.

Additional Information
Pierce Walk in Europe
Pierce in Vienna

MaryBeth Failla