FarmerJ. Forbes Farmer

Professor of Sociology, Social Work and Counseling

Ph.D. Sociology and Social Work, Boston University
M.A. Sociology, Atlanta University
B.A. Psychology, University of New Hampshire

Prior to coming to Franklin Pierce University over 25 years ago, Professor Farmer founded and administered for three years a delinquency prevention program with ties to two cities and juvenile parole and juvenile probation departments. Professor Farmer designed our criminal justice curriculum, and teaches the theoretical courses in deviance and social control, criminology and corrections, and the methods courses in quantitative and qualitative research. Often taking his classes on field trips to prisons, he is a fair and demanding teacher whose courses are always full. He has published many articles in the areas of penology, correctional management and inmate subculture, and is presently conducting research on shoplifting. 

Research Interests

Teaching Interests
Deviance and Social Control
Criminology and Corrections
Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Published in the areas of:
Correctional management and inmate subculture
Presently conducting research on shoplifting


Serves as faculty advisor to the student judicial board that handles campus disciplinary issues. Volunteers on a local juvenile court diversion program.

Personal Interests
Tennis, sailing, sculpting