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Phone: 603.899.1013

FAX: 603.899.4324

Office:  Edgewood, Rindge

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Molly Flaherty Haas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Writing

Ph.D. English, concentration in rhetoric and composition and an emphasis on technical writing, Purdue University

M.A. English, concentration in the teaching of college writing, Humboldt State University

Courses taught: Writing 

Interests: I have been teaching writing at Franklin Pierce since 2003.  My passion is writing and teaching writing. I grade papers in 15-minute editorial conferences with my students.  That means I meet at least five times a semester with each writer.  I can do that because the university classes are small.  In fact, the College Writing classes are capped at 18.  I get to know every student by name. 

Following a model I used as a professional writer, I sit beside the student writers and have them sit at the computer as we work together on an electronic draft. They write any comments from me they want to remember as well as their own ideas.  They make the changes on their papers themselves.  I try to highlight what the writers are already good at as well as offering editorial suggestions.  It’s a dialogue rather than one-way.  There’s something very compelling about working in the presence of another human being.  I think it develops a writer’s sense of audience.

My experience and research interests include grant proposal writing.  I am married to Michael Haas, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Franklin Pierce.