"Do any job you’re doing well, and you’ll stumble over the right opportunities to do what you truly desire."          ~ Joseph Campbell

Dr. Mary Ann Gaal

Assistant Professor

Ph. D. in Leadership and Organizational Change, School of Management: Applied Management and Decision Sciences, Walden University
Master of Business Administration, University of New Hampshire
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Texas A & M University

Courses Taught

Communication Skills for Managers
Organizational Behavior
Production and Operations Management
Government and Business
International Marketing
Principles of Management
Small Business Management
Global Economy 

Organizational Behavior
Quantitative + Research Techniques for Leaders
Operations Management

Research Interests & Areas of Expertise
Research has focused on nonverbal communication, leadership and cross-cultural differences and similarities. Research interest continues to be in cross-cultural leadership and management issues, such as values, organizational culture, and social responsibility.
Leadership, especially the attribution of leadership. Organizational change and project management.

Honors & Awards
Proceedings Best Paper Award – 2009 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois. Culture, Leadership, and Nonverbal Behaviors: Comparing the United States, Estonia, and Hungary.

Presentation Excellence Award – 2008 Academic Business World International Conference presentation of Non-verbal behaviors and charismatic leadership: An Experimental Study.

Publications and Presentations

Gaal, M. A. & Alas, R. (2011). Institutional and cultural impact on managerial values and corporate responsibility attitudes. Accepted for presentation at the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management annual conference.

Alas, R., Egri, C. & Gaal, M.A., (2010). Impact of institutions on the relationship between individuals’ values and managerial views on corporate social responsibility. Proceedings of the Southern Management Association Annual Conference. Presented in St. Petersburg, Florida

Gaal, M. A., Alas, R. (2009). Culture, leadership, and nonverbal behaviors: Comparing the United States, Estonia, and Hungary. Proceedings of the Academy of Management Annual Conference. Presented in Chicago, Illinois.

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management
  • Southern Management Academy

Conferences Attended 
Teaching Society for Management Educators Annual conference
Academy of Management Annual conference
Southern Management Academy Annual conference


  • International Studies Committee Member
  • Pierce Council Member
  • Co-Treasurer Rindge Faculty Federation
  • Academic Standards Committee Member (past)

Conferences Attended 
Hiking, kayaking, just about anything outdoors, and traveling.

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