Marty Green Ph.D.

Associate Professor
MBA Program

Ph.D., Administration and Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
Masters in Public Administration, School of Business and Government Administration, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Bachelor of Science Degree, University of Maine at Machias

Courses Taught
GM 564 Operations Management
GM691 Strategic Management
SF506 Change Management in Sports Organizations
GM542 Quantitative Methods in Management
GM540 Organization Behavior
GM565 Benefits and Compensation
SF508 Facilities Management
GM543 Economics for Managers
GM540 Organization Behavior
SF508 Facilities Management
SF 510 Convention Center Management and Development
SF582 Internship and Directed Study
SF602 Action Based Research
GM592 Health Policy

Research Interests & Areas of Expertise
Strategic management and analysis
Statistics and quantitative methods

Honors and Awards
Certificate of Appreciation, Granite State Independent Living, (2008)
Franklin Pierce College Excellence in Teaching Award (2007)
New Hampshire National Guard Distinguished Service Medal (2001)
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Fiscal Impact Fee Board of Trustees (1997-2003)
Franklin Pierce College Excellence in Teaching Award (1998)
New Hampshire Developmental Support Council, Board of Directors (1997)

Recent publications:
Green, Martin S., Strategic Analysis to Position your Company to Win Market Share: Tools and Process for Professional Strategy Development, Currently seeking a publisher, 2012

Green, Martin S., Business Adventurers in the Old World: George Cleeve Portland Maine 1630-1666, Lulu Publishers, 2011

H.R. 1086 “Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2009”, Lorrie Hillsgrove, Judith Montmarquet, Melissa Sears
Editor: Melonie Bickford, Instructor: Martin Green,  Healthcare Review Website, May 19, 2009

Green, Martin S., Statistics and Regression Analysis, Winter 2008

Are Financial Incentives A Reasonable Method to Improve Quality In Healthcare? Pati Wheeler; Instructor Martin Green, Healthcare Review Website, March 21, 2008

Green, Martin S., and Pixley, Heather, “Large Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Still a Problem in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont,” Healthcare Review August 2006

Brode P., Crawford T., Fabry S., Hayes C., Hodgemen H., Green M.S., “Cost Shifting: The Cyclical Inflation and Subsequent Erosion of the Health Care System,” Healthcare Review January 1, 2006

Green, Martin S., “Data Analysis of First Year Undergraduate Students”, Office of the Provost, Franklin Pierce University 2004-2005

Green, Martin S., “Successful Organizations Realize the Strengths of Their Members”, NH Business Review, November 3, 2000

Green, Martin S., "Strategic Planning and Organization Culture: Their Effect at the Virginia
Supreme Court" Dissertation Abstracts, 1995

Green, Martin S., "Envisioning the Future," Paper submitted for the Creation of a High Performance Workforce Conference," National Commission on the State and Local Public Service, October 25, 1994

Green, Martin S., "Personnel Implications of Cutback Management at Colleges and Universities," CUPA Journal, Vol. 43, fall 1992

Green, Martin S., "Payroll Concerns of Institutions of Higher Education," Payroll Guide, Institute of America, 1991

Green, Martin S., "The Golden Years: Higher Education Employees are Faring Reasonably Well," NACUBO Business Officer, December 1990

Green, Martin S., "Colleges and Universities Seek Guidance on Applications of Section 89," Focus on the Treasury, Tax Notes, October 24, 1988 

Institutional Service
Franklin Pierce University, Institutional Review Board (2006-Present)
Franklin Pierce University, CGPS Library and Technology Committee (Chair) (2008-Present)
Franklin Pierce University, Strategic Planning Team Strategy 3, Goal 1 (2012)
Task Force on Organizational Effectiveness: Review Structure of all Operations at Rindge and CGPS (2012)
Franklin Pierce University, CGPS Faculty Affairs Committee (Chair) (2009 – Present)
Sports Management Advisory Board (Admin.) (2011 – Present)
Franklin Pierce University, Masters Physician Assistance Academic Standards Committee (2011 – Present)
Franklin Pierce University, Budget Committee (2011 - Present)
CGPS Dean Search Committee (2012)
Franklin Pierce University, Pierce Council (2008-2010)
Franklin Pierce University, Graduate Program Academic Standards Committee (2005-2007)
Franklin Pierce College, MBA Curriculum Committee (1998-2005)
Franklin Pierce College, MBA Admissions and Program Assessment Committee (1998-1999)

Marty Green