Gary Heald

Department: Computer Science
Division: Natural Sciences
M.S. – American College of Computer and Information Sciences
B.S. – Franklin Pierce University, Computer Science

HealdI have a varied background, in addition to the Masters in Computer Science, I have undergraduate degrees in Business, Engineering and Computer Science. I came to Franklin Pierce from industry, having programmed Building Control systems for 7 years. I enjoy teaching at the college level, especially in the technology fields - there is always something new and interesting happening.

I believe that both theory and practice are important in the IT field and try to incorporate both in my classes. When not in the classroom I can usually be found on my small but diverse farm, haying, milking cows, or feeding the pigs and chickens. Courses taught include: Microcomputer Applications, Intro to IT, Object Oriented Programming I & II, Data Communications, Networking, Systems Administration & Security, and IT Project Management.

Office: Marcucella Hall 211
Phone: (603) 899-4254