"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.  It is wrong when it tends otherwise."                                    
          ~ Aldo Leopold 

Catherine Owen Koning

Professor of Environmental Science
Natural Sciences Division

Ph.D. Land Resources, 1993. University of Wisconsin-Madison 
M.S. Ecology, 1988. University of California-Davis 
B.A. Biology/Environmental Studies, 1983. Bowdoin College, Maine

Courses Taught
First-Year Seminar: Wilderness or WalMart: Human Attitudes Towards Nature
Introduction to Environmental Science
Creating Sustainable Communities
Environmental Impact Assessment
Wetland Ecology and Protection
Junior Seminar in Environmental Science
Local Flora
Conservation Biology

Research Interests & Areas of Expertise
Wetland plant ecology and hydrology; impacts of human disturbance on wetlands; conservation and management of wetlands; invasive plant species impacts and management; conservation biology of rare species; campus ecology and sustainability; effects of local, state and federal regulations on land and water conservation; relationship of humans to nature; place-based education and community outreach.

Honors & Awards
1992   Best Student Paper Award, Society of Wetland Scientists 13th Annual Meeting
1991-1992   American Association of University Women Doctoral Fellowship
1991   Sigma Xi Small Grant Award
1991   Lois Almon Small Grant Award
1990, 1991   National Audubon Society Graduate Research Award
1985   Distinguished Scholar Research Award, University of California-Davis
1985-1987   University Fellowship, University of California-Davis
1983   MaComber Prize in Biology, Bowdoin College

Publications and Presentations

Koning C., J. Harris, R. Goodby, R. Singleton, M. Comeau, M. Jette. 2011. eTour of Local Lands: An Interdisciplinary Tool to Connect Students and Place-based Research. Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences Annual Conference, Burlington VT.

Koning, C. 2011. Wetland Buffers: Functions and Ecological Significance. Presentation to the Southwest Region Planning Commission, Keene NH.

Koning, C., R. Goodby and J. Harris. 2010. Place as a Catalyst for Engaged Learning at
Franklin Pierce University. In Cenkl, Pavel. Nature and Culture in the Northern Forest. University of Iowa Press.

Koning, C., D. Sperduto, and S. Bailey. 2009. Comparison of two minerotrophic swamps of northern NH. Presentation to the Society of Wetland Scientists’ Annual Conference, Madison, WI.

Koning, C. 2006. Propagation of Wetland Plants (book review). Restoration and Management.

Koning, Catherine. 2005. Natural and Cultural Inventory and Mapping: Developing Ecological Conscience. Presentation to the Action in Place Conference, Oct. 6, 2005. Goddard College, Plainfield VT.

Koning, C. 2005. Vegetation patterns resulting from spatial and temporal variability in hydrology, soils and trampling in a northern basin marsh, New Hampshire, USA. Wetlands 25(2): 239-251.

Koning, C., and R. Singleton. 2005. Effect of community type and past land use on Frangula alnus invasion in forests of Southwestern NH. New England Invasive Plant Summit, Framingham MA.

Koning, C. 2004. Effects of sediment on vegetation and soils: Results from lab and field experiments. Wetlands, 24(2):295-308. Presented at Society of Wetland Scientists Conference, 2004, and Ecological Society of America, 2005.

Koning, C. 2004. Home Ground: Ecology, Pedagogy and Sense of Place in the Monadnock Institute at Franklin Pierce College. Presentation to the American Society for Literature and the Environment, June 4, 2004. Crawford Notch, NH.

Koning, C. 2004. Wetland Buffers: Functions and Ecological Significance. Presentation to the Peterborough Conservation Commission, Peterborough NH.

Koning, C. 2003. The “Easy Life” of the College Professor: Teaching Careers at Small Liberal Arts Colleges. Presentation to the Graduate Student Career Forum, Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Conference, Seattle WA.

Mellor, R. and C. Koning. 2005. Seizing Opportunities: The Rindge Experience in Conservation Planning. Presentation to the 2005 Office of Energy and Planning Conference, Manchester NH.

New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau. 2006. Enriched Wetlands in New Hampshire: Field Benchmarks, Analysis and Modeling. DRED Division of Forests and Lands and The Nature Conservancy, Concord, NH. Dan Sperduto, Heather Herrmann, Catherine Owen Koning, Scott Bailey, project participants.

Owen, C. 1999. Hydrology and history: land use changes and ecological responses in an urban wetland. Wetlands Ecology and Management 6:209-219.

Owen, C. 1998. Effects of sediment deposition on soil oxidation-reduction potential and vegetation. Poster at the Society of Wetland Scientists Annual meeting, Anchorage, AK.

Owen, C. 1995. Water budget and flow patterns in an urban wetland. Journal of Hydrology,169:171-187.

Owen, C., and H. Jacobs. 1992. Wetland protection as land use planning: The impact of Section 404 in Wisconsin, USA. Environmental Management, 16(3):345-363.

Owen, C. 1990. Effectiveness of Wetland Mitigation in Wisconsin. Report to The Lake Michigan Federation, Chicago IL.

Owen, C., Q. Carpenter, P. Rossa and C. DeWitt. 1990. Hydrologic structure and function in a restored wetland. Presentation at the 1990 Society of Wetland Scientists Meeting, June 4 - 6, Breckenridge, Colorado.

Owen, C., Q. Carpenter and C. DeWitt. 1989. Comparative vegetation, hydrology, stratigraphy and topography in a natural and restored freshwater wetland in Southern Wisconsin. Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference on Wetland Restoration and Creation. Hillsborough Community College, Tampa FLA.

Owen, C., Q. Carpenter and C. DeWitt. 1988. Evaluation of three wetland restorations associated with highway projects. Report to the Transportation Policy Studies Institute, WI Dept. of Transportation.

Owen, C., E. Espe, K. Liegel and J. Binhammer. 1986. Effect of a prescribed burn on a cedar glade community (Wisconsin). Restoration and Management Notes 4(1):26.

Professional Memberships

  •  American Institute for Biological Sciences
  •  Ecological Society of America
  •  Natural Areas Association
  •  New England Wildflower Society
  •  Sigma Xi
  •  Sigma Zeta
  •  Society of Wetland Scientists
  •  Society for Conservation Biology

Conferences Attended
2010 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
2010 AAUC Conference on General Education, Burlington VT
2009, 1991-2004 Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting
2005 Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
2010 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
2010 AAUC Conference on General Education, Burlington VT
1991-2004, 2009 Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting
2005 Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
NHCUC Conference on Assessment, Worcester MA

Grants Received 
2004 Environmental Protection Agency/NH Natural Heritage Program
1997 Lois Almon Small Grant (The Nature Conservancy)
1996 National Science Foundation Research in Undergraduate Institutions
1995 USAID subcontractor
1993 American Association of University Women
1992 Sigma Xi


  • 2008-present   Associate Editor, Natural Areas Journal
  • 2000-03   President, New England Chapter of Society of Wetland Scientists
  • 1996-present   Vice Chair, Monadnock Institute of Nature, Place and Culture
  • 2007-present   Sustainability Council Co-Chair
  • 2012-present   Faculty Governance Task Force 
  • 2011   Strategic Planning Sub-committee
  • 2011-present   FYI Steering Committee
  • 2012  Academic Showcase Divisional Representative 
  • 2011   Environmental Science/Integrated Science Search Committee 
  • 2009-2011   General and Liberal Education Divisional Representative 
  • NEASC Chair Faculty Standard
  • 1998-present   Environmental Science Dept. Co-Coordinator
  • 2004-2006   Rindge Faculty Federation Executive Committee, Secretary
  • 2005   Ad hoc committee on Faculty Evaluation
  • 2005   Provost Search Committee 
  • 2005   Math/general science Search Committee
  • 2005   January Workshop on First-year Experience
  • 2004-05   Crucial Conversations Steering Committee
  • 2004-05   Ad hoc committee on Faculty Meetings
  • 2005-2006   Landscape Committee
  • 1995-1998, 2001-present   Advisor to Environmental Awareness/ECO club

Personal Interests
Family time, gardening, hiking, biking, bird-watching, reading, painting, writing