John M. Lund Ph.D.


Ph.D. History, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Courses Taught
Worlds of Early America 
American Experience 
Modern European Intellectual History 
Reason and Romanticism 
Crime and Punishment in Early America 
Twentieth Century World History 
History and Film 
Slavery and Civil War 
Protest in America 
Emergence of Modern America, 1877 – 1945 

Research Interests & Areas of Expertise
Legal and cultural history.
Atlantic history especially legal and culture history with an emphasis on the seventeenth century.

Publications and Presentations

“The Contested Will of ‘Goodman Penn’: Anglo-New England Politics, Culture, and
Legalities, 1688- 1716,” Law and History Review 27:3 (Fall 2009).

"Resentment and Revolution," Review of J. Revel Carr, "Seeds of Discontent: The Deep Roots of the American Revolution 1650 - 1750," Reviews in American History (June 2009) .

"Boundaries of Restriction: The Dillingham Commission," forthcoming, Federal History.

Review of Robin Einhorn, “American Taxation, American Slavery,” 40.1 The History
Teacher (November 2006).

“Colonial Era,” “Indentured Servitude,” Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working Class
History Eric Arnesen ed., New York: Routledge, 2006.

Review of Randall Huff, “The Revolutionary War Era,” 39.2 The History
Teacher (February 2006).

Review of Janet Siskind, “Rum & Axes: The Rise of a Connecticut Merchant Family,
1795-1850,” Connecticut History 44.1(Spring 2005), 167-168.

"The Ordeal of Zeal- of -the-Land Busy: The Conflict Over Profane Swearing and the
Puritan Culture of Discipline." Journal of American and Comparative Cultures. 2002.

June 2011   USNH Academic Technology Institute, Granite State College, North Conway, New Hampshire.

September 2010   “Seventeenth Century New England Legalities and Conflicting Visions of Empire,” The Edmund Rice (1638) Association, Westborough, MA.

September 2010   Constitution Day Lecture, "Calvin and Hobbes and the U.S. Constitution," Keene State College History Department, Madison Street Lounge, Student Center, Keene State College.

June 2010   Project Humanist. "The Progressive Era & World War I in the Monadnock Region: A Two Day Teacher Workshop for all Educators," Historical Society of Cheshire County, Keene, New Hampshire.

October 2009   Chair, Session 6: "National Questions and New England Politics," New England Historical Association, University of Vermont.

September 2009   Constitution Day Lecture, "Free Despite the Constitution," Keene State College History Department, Mountainview Room, Student Center, Keene State College.

July 2009   "Migration Out of Western Massachusetts in the Early Republic," People in Motion: Immigration and Migration in American History, UMass Civic Initiative and Southbridge Public Schools, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Campus Center.

May 2009   Outside Evaluator of Senior Thesis, Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vermont.

June 2008   “Vermont Nativism: William Paul Dillingham and U.S. Immigration Legislation,” The Historical Society’s 2008 Conference: Migration, Diaspora, Ethnicity, & Nationalism in History, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD June 5- 8, 2008

March 2008   “Vermont Nativism: William Paul Dillingham and U.S. Immigration Legislation,”
2008 Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians. New York City

March/April 2006   Workshop, “Transformations: The Atlantic World in the Late
Seventeenth Century,” a workshop of the Atlantic History Seminar, Harvard University.