Dr. Nickolas Lupinin

Humanities Division
Ph.D. New York University

Courses Taught (sampling):

  • History of Russia
  • The Soviet Union
  • Medieval History
  • Reason and Romanticism
  • The 20th Century

Professional Associations (partial list):

  • American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies
  • Association of Russian American Scholars
  • Association for the Study of Eastern Christian History and Culture
  • The Historical Society
  • Early Slavic Studies Association
  • New England Historical Association

Research Interests:

  • Elders and mystics in 19th century Russia
  • Women’s memoirs and recollections in 19th century Russia and in the
    Soviet period
  • Editing book of 20th century memoirs
  • Editing 2 volume compendium of articles on Eastern Religious History
  • Researching materials for a cultural reflection on idea of friendship

More often than not, my approach to history stresses ideas and culture more than the purely political sphere. This frequently allows the student a more nuanced perception of the underlying values and expressions of the richness of European civilizations (which are periodically muted by political strife and ideology). I do believe there is something of the grandly sublime in the attempts of each generation to reach into the past and find a multitude of assorted living links to the present. The wealth of what each culture finds in its past often forestalls the possibility of misunderstanding history.

Beyond the Terra of Franklin Pierce University:

Harvard University:
Dr. Lupinin is Center Associate at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University. Over the years of this association, Professor Lupinin has participated in numerous Harvard seminars, met with major scholars, diplomats, and statesmen from various countries, and enjoyed research in the Widener Library.

Dr. Lupinin has been the co-organizer and co-chair of several scholarly conferences in recent years (.e.g., Harvard U., March 2002; Yale U., Sept. 2003; Harvard U., March 2004, among others).

In the Fall of 2003, Dr. Lupinin was elected president of a new international scholarly organization, The Association for the Study of Eastern Christian History and Culture (ASEC). The membership list and the Board of Advisers are replete with scholars of worldwide renown. Professor Lupinin’s presidential messages appear in each issue of the ASEC Newsletter. The organization was founded due to the huge interest in religious history around the world. In the context of Eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans, and the Caucasus (the principal areas in ASEC’s purview), a substantial impetus came with the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellite states. Large numbers of previously closed archives were opened and this has stimulated much new research. You may access the ASEC website at: http://hudce7.harvard.edu/~ostrowski/asec .

Professor Lupinin has written, edited, or translated a number of books. The topics have varied from the 17th century Schism in Russia, to Catherine the Great’s accession to power, to an anthology of Samizdat materials.

Most Recent Articles:
“The Tale is Now Told: Women’s Memoirs and
Recollections in Russia and the Soviet Union,” The Journal of The Historical
Society, vol. IV, no. 1, Winter 2004 (pp. 43-63) http://www.bu.edu/historic/journal_winter2004.html ; “Conjecture as Criticism:
Revisiting the Russian Ark,” NewsNet, Jan. 2004; and three entries for the new
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Russia (2004).

Mass Media:
Dr. Lupinin enjoys occasional forays into mass media. His op-ed pieces
and articles have appeared in newspapers such as the Boston Herald; the
Providence Journal Bulletin; the Keene Sentinel, et.al. He has been a guest on
NPR’s All Things Considered (on the same program with then Secretary of State
Medeleine Albright and the deputy Prime Minister of Russia) been interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor, and written a piece for MSNBC News (Aug. 7, 2003).