Floyd Oster

OsterFloyd Oster earned his Associates in the Arts Degree from Keene State College. He is an active performer who has performed with many local groups and has taught trumpet instruction at Franklin Pierce University
since 1990.

Some of the groups he has performed with include:
The New Hampshire Philharmonic
The Monadnock Chorus
The Keene Chorale
The Keene Chamber Orchestra
The Bob Cuniff Big Band
The Otter Brook Brass Quintet
Windham Orchestra of Vermont
Monadnock Brass Quintet 

He is a member of the International Trumpet Guild and has 25 years experience in private trumpet instruction and over 18 years experience directing church choirs. He has studied with such notable musicians as Carmine Caruso (NYC), Walter Chesnut (UMass ), Vincent Monaco (Andover Academy) and currently is studying with Charlie Schlueter (principal trumpet with the Boston Symphony Orchestra).

Private Trumpet lessons are taught by Floyd Oster. They consist of twelve 45-minute lessons offered each semester and are open to majors and non-majors. Lessons are tailored to the students needs.

Mr. Oster utilizes the Carmine Caruso musical calisthenics method for the development of range and endurance. Mr. Oster has attended the Monette Brass Clinic in Portland, Oregon. There he has learned the advantages of yoga and body alignment for Brass playing; which he makes available to his students. Mr. Oster also uses James Thurmond's Method of note grouping to aid students in achieving expression and style in Musical Performance.

"All styles of trumpet playing are taught in our lessons. The trumpet is a very physical instrument and requires muscle development. The Caruso Method is the fastest way I have seen in 30 years to achieve that goal. Developing a strong embouchure allows the player to concentrate on more musical concerns. The emphasis being placed on removing the players obstacles to enjoying the musical experience of playing the trumpet." 

 Brass Ensemble

Brass Ensemble

Franklin Pierce University Brass EnsembleThe Franklin Pierce Brass Ensemble is directed by Floyd Oster. The Brass Ensemble is a small, select group involving students in the performance of literature for brass ensemble.  Students may perform on trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone or tuba.  Public performances may be given on or off-campus.  The group explores many styles of music from classical to jazz.  This group is open to all students which possess the ability to play with a reasonable tone and have basic music reading skills.

 If you have any questions or want further information on private trumpet instructions, please contact Floyd at: oster@franklinpierce.edu .