Frederick Rogers, Ph.D.

Chair of Natural Sciences; Associate Professor of Geology
Division: Natural Sciences

Fred RogersCourses taught: IC110 & IC111 – Integrated Science I & II; GL101 & GL102 – General Geology I & II; GL205 - Environmental Geology; BI/AN 420 – Evolution Seminar

Research interests: Micropaleontology and biostratigraphy; specifically systematics, evolution, and biostratigraphy of Devonian-age conodonts (cone-shaped, phosphatic microfossils with chordate affinities in the range of 415 to 355 million years old).

Recent publications: *Rogers, F.S. 1998. Conodont biostratigraphy of the Little Cedar and lower Coralville formations of the Cedar Valley Group (Middle Devonian) of Iowa and significance of a new species of Polygnathus Journal of Paleontology 72(4): 726 – 737. 
*Uyeno, T.T., J.C. Wendte, F.S. Rogers, and J.O. Cochrane. (in preparation). Conodont biostratigraphy of the Dundee Formation and the Hamilton Group (Middle Devonian) of southwestern Ontario with notes on the stratigraphic position of the Hungry Hollow Formation. (To be submitted for consideration for publication in Journal of Paleontology.) 

Degree information (Institution/Concentration):
Ph.D. – University of Iowa (Geology)
M.S. – University of Massachusetts (Geology)
B.A. – University of Massachusetts (Geology)

Interests: In our spare time, my wife and I enjoy hiking and canoeing. As you might imagine, my interests in recreational activities of this kind, coupled with my professional interests in geology, have resulted in a deep involvement in conservation issues. In that regard, I serve as Vice Chairman of the Rindge Conservation Commission.

Office location: Marcucella Hall – MH105
Office phone: (603)-899-4258