"Some of the most exciting moments in teaching science come when students discover the limits of our current knowledge."

Rhine Singleton

Associate Professor
Biology and Environmental Science, Natural Sciences

B.A. in Biology, University of Virginia
M.S. in Biology, Concentration in Insect Ecology, University of Oregon
Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Concentration in Plant Ecology, Cornell University

Courses Taught
ES103 Introduction to Ecosystem and Wildlife Conservation
ES104 Introduction to Natural Resources Conservation
BI218 Ecology
BI250 Plant Biology
BI241 Evolutionary Biology
BI430 Forest Ecology

Research Interests & Areas of Expertise
Plant Ecology; Forest Ecology; Tropical Ecology, particularly the interaction between the threatened Three-wattled Bellbird and the wild avocado trees that produce the fruit that they feed on.

Poster summarizing research on the Three-wattled Bellbird
Poster summarizing research on an invasive plant in Franklin Pierce Forests

Publications and Presentations
Singleton, R,  D. Hamilton and D. Joslin.  Fruiting Phenology of Lauraceae in Monteverde, Costa Rica, manuscript in preparation.

D. Hamilton, R. Singleton and D. Joslin.  Year-to-year variation in habitat used by the threatened Three-wattled Bellbird in Monteverde, Costa Rica, manuscript in preparation.

Koning, C and R. Singleton.  Effects of moderate densities of glossy buckthorn on forested communities in southwest New Hampshire, in press, Natural Areas Journal, July 2013.

Singleton, R.  2005.  Do these numbers mean anything? – A beginner's guide to analyzing quantitative data using MSExcel.  Available at www.ecologyandevolution.org.

Volunteer/ Institutional Service
Member of the Executive Committee of the Monadnock Institute of Nature, Place and Culture; Member of International Studies Committee; Co-coordinator of Environmental Science Program; Designer of eTour on eRaven; Admissions Ambassador for Environmental Science

Rhine Singleton