Edward C. Sterling

A freelance performer and teacher in the Tri State area for nearly twenty years performing with pop, rock, jazz bands, recording studios and orchestras. Mr. Sterling is presently principal percussionist with the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra and is a clinician consultant for Marching Band and Drum and Bugle Corps through out the Tri State area. He is a music teacher in the public schools of Manchester, NH. Mr. Sterling is also 1995 recipient of Who's Who of America's Teachers

Percussion / Drum Lessons
This course is designed to give the student individual help and guidance in all areas of percussion development. Lessons for the Music major are more structured, designed to help the student succeed artistically and financially in the professional world. Percussion lessons for the non music major are more student driven and follow the desires and interests of the student.

Percussion Ensemble
Open to all levels of skill and experience. This group experiments with improvisation with percussion instruments so as to utilize the maximum skill of each performer. Students are encouraged to suggest and create musical thought either as a whole composition or as bits and pieces of group ideas. This ensemble utilizes a wide range of traditional percussion instruments as well as brake drums, plastic buckets, exhaust pipe, plumbing parts, kitchen utensils, clothing and anything else you can think of.