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Interviews occur at the stage in the job search process where employers make their hiring decisions. They provide an opportunity for you to make a strong connection with the employer and demonstrate why you’ll be a good fit for the position and the company.

Interviews can take a variety of formats including:

Face-to-Face Interviews
In these interviews candidates will meet in person with human resources representatives, recruiters or supervisors. Meetings can take place at the company site, on campus, at a job fair or at an independent meeting site.  The interview format may be as short as an hour or as long as a full day or half day visit. Candidate may interview with one person, a series of individuals or with a group.  Employers will always let you know in advance what the format will be.

Phone Interviews
Some employers find it efficient to conduct initial screening interviews by phone. Those candidates that stand out during the phone interview are often invited to an in-person interview at the company. Phone interviews are similar to other interviews, but present some unique challenges. Some good advice for phone interviews:

Panel Interviews
In these interviews, several employer representatives will interview the candidate. Questions can come quickly and the interviewee needs to listen carefully and provide clear and concise answers. While speaking to a group may seem daunting, observing the dynamics of the group can offer valuable insights about the company and its management philosophy.

Group Interviews
In these interviews, several candidates participate together in a group interview. Questions may be directed to all the applicants or to an individual applicant. Employers are able to observe factors such as candidate self-confidence, teamwork, presentation skills and the ability to think on your feet.

Job Fair Interviews
These are often a very brief exchange that allow you to tell a recruiter about yourself and your interest in the organization or position. You may need to do this in a noisy room with many distractions, or there may be quiet interview space available for the recruiters to use.  Present your pitch concisely and clearly. Sometime job offers may be made on the spot, but it is more common for employers to invite the top candidates for an on-site interview at the company.

Videoconferencing and Internet Interviewing
These formats provide efficient and cost effective ways to interview for positions in other geographic locations. Things to remember for these formats include:

Interview Stages
The interview process is often broken down into four stages:

Prior to the Interview

On the Day of the Interview

During the Interview

After the Interview

Career Services has created a variety of tip sheets and handouts to assist you in your interview preparation. Staff is also available to work with you on a one-to-one basis.

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