Master of Business Administration - MBA Degree Programs

Franklin Pierce University's six M.B.A. tracks offer you the opportunity to specialize in your chosen field.

Classes are offered at our New Hampshire locations in Manchester, Portsmouth, Lebanon, and online.
All M.B.A. tracks can be completed 100% online.



M.B.A. in Energy & Sustainability Studies

The M.B.A. in Energy & Sustainability Studies degree allows students to concentrate their business studies on topics of far-reaching societal importance - sustainability, corporate social responsibility, climate change, energy production and consumption and business as an agent for social change.

MBA Health Administration

M.B.A. in Health Administration

The M.B.A. in Health Administration degree prepares graduates to attend to the business of health care. There is a growing need for senior level administrators with strong leadership skills to manage and advance change within the health care industry.

MBA - Human Resource Mgmt

M.B.A. in Human Resource Management

The M.B.A. in Human Resource Management degree is designed for current and future managers responsible for talent acquisition and retention. Key to every organization, graduates are able to leverage their leadership, communication and business management skills across all business divisions.

MBA in Info Tech Overview page photo

M.B.A. in Information Technology

The M.B.A. in Information Technology focuses on developing advanced analytical and management skills for those working in emerging technology fields. Graduates will be prepared to take on increasingly complex organizational challenges as leaders with both information technology and business management skills. 

MBA in Leadership

M.B.A. in Leadership

The M.B.A. in Leadership degree program develops both your business management and leadership skills. Graduates are prepared to assume key leadership positions in their organizations and communities.

MBA - Sports Mgmt

M.B.A. in Sports Management

The M.B.A. in Sports Management degree focuses on mastery in the business management, operations, media relations and technology of sports organizations. Advanced leadership and communication skills, networking and action-based learning opportunities give you a step-up in the highly-competitive sports industry.