Admission Requirements

Master of Physician Assistant Studies


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Interested candidates must possess a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution; 4 semester credits of biology with lab (credits must be in general or mammalian biology), 4 credits of microbiology (with lab) and 8 credits of anatomy and physiology (with labs); 8 credits of chemistry with labs, 3 credits of statistics, and 3 credits of psychology. All prerequisite courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better and be completed prior to matriculation.  Applicants must possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a science GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants may apply with up to two outstanding prerequisites.

Required Prerequisite Courses  Credits Lab Required
Anatomy & Physiology I  4 yes
Anatomy & Physiology II yes
Chemistry I 4 yes
Chemistry II 4 yes
Biology 4 yes
Microbiology  4 yes
Statistics 3 n/a
Psychology  3 n/a

Recommended Courses (not required, but strongly recommended): Genetics, Immunology, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and/or Cell Biology, Nutrition, Sociology.

Other Requirements

Franklin Pierce PA Program requires 3 letters of recommendation, which should be submitted via CASPA. Additionally, the program requires supplemental materials including an updated resume and a minimum of 20 hours shadowing a PA reflected on the PA Shadowing Verification form completed with a PA-C. The supplemental materials should be submitted via CASPA.

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Additional Considerations in Admissions

After verifying that the minimum requirements for admission are met (see above), the program will evaluate each candidate’s academic achievements, personal attributes and experiences. Factors given specific consideration are listed below. Please note that none of these factors, alone or in combination, guarantees admission. However, all else being equal, candidates who demonstrate a greater number of these factors will generally be in a better position for an interview and for admission. The admissions committee will consider these factors, along with the quality of the interview, to make recommendations for admission. Interviews are a requirement for admission to the program.

Additional Favorable Academic Achievements 

  • Overall GPA or Science GPA of 3.5 and above or induction into Golden Key International, National Scholars Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi, and/or Phi Beta Kappa.
  • Research, publications or presentations
  • Advanced degrees or training
  • A combination of three or more basic healthcare training activities, such as CPR, EMT, CNA, PALS, etc.

Significant Personal Experiences

  • Overcoming significant life adversities and struggles
  • Multi-lingual ability
  • Work experience
    • Military or government service (including military spouse)
    • Voluntary service
    • Medical or healthcare experience
    • Experience with underserved populations (paid or volunteer)
  • Franklin Pierce University student or alumni
  • Resident of Vermont or New Hampshire
  • From an underserved or rural area, or extensive experience with populations from underserved/rural areas

Special Considerations
All graduates of Franklin Pierce University and The University of Vermont Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program who meet the minimum criteria for admission will receive an invitation to interview.

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Technical Standards

The following technical standards establish the essential qualities necessary for students enrolling in the Physician Assistant program. Students must posses these qualities in order to achieve the required level of competency stipulated for graduation.
• Sensation
Students must possess sufficient visual, auditory and tactile sensation to receive appropriate information in the classroom, laboratory and other education settings. Sensation must be sufficient to receive verbal and non-verbal information while interviewing patients and to perform inspection, auscultation and palpation techniques during physical examination of patients.

• Communication
Students must be able to communicate effectively with patients, family members and other clinicians. This includes expressive and receptive modes of verbal, non-verbal and written communication. Further it includes the ability to accurately assess receptive communication in order to make appropriate and timely responses. Finally, it includes the ability to communicate with attention, empathy and sensitivity.

• Motor Function
Students must have sufficient strength and coordination to perform the activities required of a Physician Assistant. These include performing a physical examination involving techniques in palpation and percussion and utilizing diagnostic instruments. Students must have sufficient stamina to sit, stand and move within the classroom, laboratory, examination rooms, treatment rooms and operating rooms for extended periods of time. They must have sufficient coordination to move about patient care environments and sufficient dexterity to use common medical instruments. All students must arrange their own transportation between educational and clinical settings.
• Intellectual Capability
Clinical problem solving, a critical ability for Physician Assistants, encompasses abilities to accurately measure, calculate, reason, analyze, integrate, learn and retain information and make decisions in a timely manner. Students must be able to:

• Independently access and interpret medical data
• Identify significant findings from history, physical examination and laboratory  data
• Perform a reasoned explanation for likely diagnoses and recommend treatment regimens
• Recall and retain information in an efficient and timely manner

• Behavioral/Social Proficiency
Students must possess the ability to establish and maintain appropriate professional relationships. Factors included in this requirement are the abilities to prioritize competing demands, to function in stressful circumstances, to exercise good clinical judgment, to behave ethically, to be compassionate, empathetic, responsible and tolerant toward patients and other healthcare professionals.

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Advanced Placement

Please note, the M.P.A.S. program is a full-time day program and does not offer advanced placement for students.

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Work Policy

While the program does not dictate whether or not a student can work while enrolled, the intensity of the curriculum makes working very difficult and it is therefore discouraged.

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Students with Disabilities

Admission decisions are made without regard to disabilities. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, any student who has a documented physical, learning or emotional disability* will be provided with reasonable accommodations designed to meet his or her needs. Before any such assistance can occur, it is the responsibility of the student to see that documentation is on file with the Academic Services Center at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge and that the advisor has a copy of the Accommodation Plan developed by the ADA coordinator. Please attend to any need for accommodations as soon as possible. Students who will be requesting reasonable accommodations based on a documented disability should contact Patricia Moore in Academic Services at 603.899.4044 for additional information.

* Note: Documentation cannot be more than three years old.

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How to Apply

The Franklin Pierce Physician Assistant program participates in the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA). This application can be accessed at In addition to the CASPA application, candidates must also submit supplemental application materials which include a copy of a current resume or CV and a PA shadowing form. The supplemental materials should be submitted via CASPA.

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After review of the applicant’s portfolio, select applicants will be invited to the Lebanon Center for an interview. Franklin Pierce alumni who meet the minimum requirements noted above will be invited for an interview without additional review or considerations.

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Seat Deposit and Withdrawal Prior to Enrollment

If you are accepted into the program, a $500 seat deposit will be required at the time of acceptance and will be applied to your tuition upon enrollment. Students who withdraw before the start date are asked to notify the program in a timely fashion so that we are able to offer their seat to another qualified applicant.

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Financial Aid

Franklin Pierce University’s financial aid counselors can provide insight on options to finance your education. Call us at 1.877.372.7347 to speak to a financial aid counselor or visit the financial aid page of our website.