Directory – College of Graduate and Professional Studies


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College of Graduate & Professional Studies   800.325.1090  
Lebanon Center   603.298.5549  
Manchester Center   603.647.3500  
Portsmouth Center    603.433.2000  
Goodyear, AZ Campus   623.518.2386  


Lebanon Center Christopher Audino 603.298.5549
Manchester Center Brian Ego 603.647.3500
Portsmouth Center  Kim Collins 603.433.2000
Goodyear, AZ Campus Stephanie Johnson 623.518.2386


M.B.A. Program Director Ed French 603.298.4361
Interim Director Education Gale Cossette 603-899-1066
Information Technology (M.S.I.T.M.) Ed French 603.298.4361
Leadership (D.A.) James Lacey 603.433.2000

Nursing (R.N. to B.S.) Linda Conover 603.433.2000
Online (Undergraduate Programs) Ed French 603.298.4361
Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

Stephanie Johnson (AZ)
Ann Greiner (NH)


Physician Assistant Studies (M.P.A.S.) Catherine Gemmiti 603-298-6617


Interim VP of Enrollment Management and Marketing Dr. Lynne Rosansky


Associate Dean of Graduate and Health Studies Mary M. Farrell


Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Open Position  


Director of Enrollment for College of Graduate & Professional Studies Brian Ego 603.647.3500

Associate Dean of Distance Education Maria R. Garcia 603.647.3500


Alumni Relations Christina Young 603.899.1131
Bookstore Cyndie Martin, Textbook Manager 603.899.4093
Bookstore Catharine Mills, Assistant Manager 603.899.4092
Budget Management Kelly LaPrade, Director 603.899.1146

Career Services Rosemary Nichols, Director 603.899.4045
Human Resources Open Position 603.899.4077  
University Relations & Creative Services Lisa Murray 603.899.4221
Marketing Michelle Marrone, Director 603.899.4104
Online Education and Training Cathy Underwood, Director 603.899.4106
Registrar and Advising Open Position 603.899.4068  
Registrar and Advising Terry Gorzelany, Registration & Records Specialist 603.899.4094
Student Financial Services Kenneth Ferreira, Executive Director 603.899.4186
Student Financial Services Shannon Coffin, Sr. Assistant Director 603.899.4181
Student Financial Services MaryRose Sideleau, Manager of Student Accounts 603.899.4232
Student Financial Services Shelby Cota, Associate/Billing Specialist 603.899.1198
Wensberg Writing Center Alan Schulte, Director 603-899-4172