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Beijing, ChinaAs China becomes a leader in the global economy, the significance of student understanding of the culture and influence on the will only increase. A course specifically geared toward China (MN275), and more importantly, a trip to China, will be a worthwhile experience for students to understand the complex economic systems, values and attitudes underlying decision-making institutions outside of the United States. Thereby, the two-week trip to China, at the end of the course, puts Franklin Pierce University’s students in the center of the current global economy.  During this period, students will witness the ideas, concepts, and theories learned in class at work in different Chinese businesses.  This will allow them to understand the similarities and differences between American and Chinese companies as they compete and work together on a global scale.  Students will acquire a knowledge-base in understanding China’s rapid economic growth and integration into the world economy, along with the tension this creates in society.  As students gain this knowledge-base, they will begin to gain an understanding of the complexities that exist between society and business from a Chinese perspective.  This understanding will enable them to compare the similarities and differences between US business and cultural settings and Chinese business and cultural settings in the global marketplace.

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Professor Mary Ann Gaal
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