Pre-Law Advising Program

Pre-Law program Many students come to Franklin Pierce University with an interest in pre-law, but they are not sure how that intention may translate to a major program of study. The first thing students should understand is that pre-law is not an official major. A "pre-law" declaration is a stated intention by the student to pursue a specific type of graduate degree.

Students who intend to go to law school can major in any subject area, as law schools admit students from a wide variety of majors. The American Bar Association does not recommend any specific major or courses for those interested in law school. Most students enter law school without a background in law at all, but instead have a good undergraduate foundation in critical reading, critical thinking, writing and public speaking. These are skills that can be obtained in any of the University's undergraduate majors.

Therefore the most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a major is that students should choose an undergraduate curriculum that they enjoy and one in which they can do well academically. The American Bar Association indicates that the three most important factors for students intending to go to law school are:

1. Grade point average
2. LSAT score (a SAT exam for law school taken during the student's junior or senior year of college)
3. Letters of recommendation

Students seeking pre-law advising must contact the Humanities Division Chair, who will assign a pre-law advisor.  

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