A minor is offered in Chemistry.

Dr. Hubacz teaches a class
Students graduating from Franklin Pierce University, having successfully completed
the minor in Chemistry, have gone on to become research scientists, science
teaching faculty, and doctors of veterinary medicine.

Chemistry is a central natural science, providing us with valuable insight into the world around us. Therefore, the Chemistry minor is a natural compliment for students majoring in both Biology and Environmental Science. Students majoring in Criminal Justice also recognize the advantage of pursuing the Chemistry minor, since it relates to the study of forensic science.

Additionally, as we strive to become better stewards of our planet, an understanding of chemistry will enable us to balance the use of chemicals that improve our lives, with the need to protect our Earth's environment. With an understanding of chemistry, we are better prepared to make decisions that impact our community and our global environment.

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Chemistry Program Sheet ThumbnailDownload the Chemistry Program Sheet to view on screen or print, or view the College at Rindge Academic Catalog for specific degree requirements and course information.


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