Natural Sciences Division

The Division of Natural Sciences provides academic programs with a threefold purpose. The first purpose is to provide students with sound undergraduate programs that provide a solid foundation for specialized studies at the graduate level or that give students a broad base of educational experience in preparation for career employment. The second goal is to provide students with the basic informational content of the sciences and with the disciplined attitudes, methods, and experiences of scientific investigation. The third intent is to provide students with an environment conducive to hands-on learning. Our 1,200-acre campus property provides a living laboratory for majors in Biology and Environmental Science. This mix of forests, lakes, streams, and wetlands is utilized in classes of all types and in student thesis research. Along with courses offered for majors and minors, the division offers courses in physics and geology. Chemistry lab

Biology is the scientific study of living systems. Living organisms can be studied at many biological levels: from the structure of DNA to the complex interactions of different species within the environment. The Biology Department has designed its curriculum to reflect the complexity and diversity of the living world. Graduates of the biology program will understand the molecular and cellular basis of life, the relationship between biological structure and function, and the ecological roles of organisms within the environment.

Environmental Science
To study and find solutions to environmental problems is, for many people, a compelling call to action. A career in Environmental Science provides the opportunity to give back to the larger community - the community of people, places and species that make the earth unique. Environmental Science students study both the natural sciences and the social sciences/humanities in order to understand the relationship between humans and the natural world - a relationship that underlies current environmental problems.

A Chemistry minor is a natural complement for students majoring in both Biology and Environmental Science. Students majoring in Criminal Justice also recognize the advantage of pursuing the Chemistry minor, since it relates to the study of forensic science.

Health Sciences
The Health Sciences major is a pre-professional program providing students with the curriculum, advising, internship and field experiences necessary for entry into graduate and professional programs including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, public health, physical therapy, pharmacy and health care management.

A mathematics minor has important applications in virtually all fields of study, and our course offerings are designed to augment a student's opportunities in any related field.