Mass Communication Co-Curricular Activities

Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi EtaLambda Pi Eta is the National Communication Association’s official honor society, recognized by the Association of National Honor Societies (ACHS).  Lambda Pi Eta promotes the ideas the philosopher Aristotle articulated in his work Rhetoric: Logos, Pathos, and Ethos.

Lambda Pi Eta follows six goals; the purpose of the six goals is to guide each chapter to study, promote and develop the communication discipline through meetings, activities, fundraising, and events. 

These are:

1. To recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement

2. To stimulate interest in the field of communication

3. To provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication

4. To promote and encourage professional development among communication majors

5. To establish and maintain close relationships and mutual understanding between
    faculty and students

Lambda Pi Eta Inductees 2014
2015 Lamba Pi Eta Induction Ceremony at Lakeside

6. To explore options for further graduate education
 Students, after meeting the national qualifications, will be invited for induction into Lambda Pi Eta..  Students receive a certificate, pin, and honor chords.  They participate in the election of officers, attend and operate meetings, develop community service activities, and plan scholarly events.

Dr. Phyllis S. Zrzavy

The Mass Communication Department offers the opportunity for internship experiences which count toward academic credit in the department.  Students have interned at a variety of sites either near our campus, near their hometown, or in large cities such as Boston, New York, or Los Angeles. Internships are often also available on our own campus in the area of public relations and public communication.

Internships are assisted through the Mass Communication Department faculty, and through the Franklin Pierce University Career Center.

International Study
Many Mass Communication students have availed themselves of unique opportunities to study communication and other courses abroad.

Students most recently have traveled to:
Vienna, Austria
Athens, Greece
Lyon, France
Pierce Walk through Europe
Pierce Walk on the Camino
Pelugia, Italy
Sydney, Australia

For more information, contact: 
Stella Van Renesse-Walling

Monadnock International Film Festival

Photo of Monadnock International Film Festival Sign

Students have the opportunity to experience the Monadnock International Film Festival (the MONIFF), which has occurred in April  each year since 2013 in Keene, NH.  The festival includes features, shorts, and local look films, and award presentations.  Students have been able to receive specially discounted tickets and transportation.