Mass Communication Internships

The Mass Communication department encourages students to take internships - two if possible - to further their professional preparation. Students regularly intern at WMUR-TV in Manchester, NH, as feature writers at the Keene Sentinel in Keene, NH, and at other sites all across New England.

Franklin Pierce's Mass Communication alumni can be found working at ESPN, the Hartford Courant, Paramount Pictures, independent production companies, technical magazines, and almost every other media job imaginable, as well as attending graduate school and law school.

Internship Experiences

MacDowell Colony

My experience at MacDowell has been an unforgettable one. I Richardsonwas able to publish my own article, update their Twitter page, write artist biographies, and do other hands out projects. I worked with a talented and hardworking staff and was able to meet some amazing artists. I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity and will benefit from having this experience as I pursue a career in journalism. 


-Rachel Shunamon ‘15


WBZ-TV CBS4 logo


The summer after my junior year, I had two internships:

I worked for BZ Productions within CBS4 in Boston. Franklin Pierce gave me the knowledge to begin my internship, but what I learned through hands on experience made me more technically savvy. I walked away with more than just knowledge in editing and field shooting, but a life experience. For example, I met celebrities such as Johnny Damon during Dana Frazao ‘06, WBZ-TV CBS4 Interncommercial shoots. It was a very rewarding experience.

My other internship was creating a video for the Shrewsbury Commission on Disability. This was the most challenging experience for me mainly because I had to learn how to work with individuals with disabilities. For example, my narrator of the video was blind. Learning to work through challenges like that has helped me become a better videographer and person.

- Dana Frazao ‘06

Peterborough Transcript logo


My internship at the Peterborough Transcript not only gave me real life experience about how a newspaper is run, but gave me the hands on experience necessary to make an impact in the field of journalism. The Transcript immediately let me cover stories and write articles. They gave me advice on how to write better, how to meet deadlines, and how to be efficient. They also helped me find out what goes into producing a paper. The people who work at the Transcript are great and they are always looking for interns.

- Dave Reid ‘06


Talk Radio News Service (TRNS) logo


During my sophomore year, I interned with the Talk Radio News Service in Washington, D.C. through FP's association with The Washington Center. Stephen Lacey '06, Talk Radio News Service Intern

As soon as I started the internship, I obtained a press pass for both Capitol Hill and the White House. Some days I would cover press briefings at the White House, other days I would cover a Congressional hearing. After attending an event, I would write, voice, edit and distribute the news stories all on my own! This was the most amazing opportunity for me.

Now I can show potential employers that I have the motivation and job experience needed for a position in the field of journalism. I encourage every student to find an internship. It will be a crucial part of your college career.

- Stephen Lacey ‘06



New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) News logo


My internship with New Hampshire Public Radio has provided me with Angie Wirtanen ‘06, New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) Internpolitical writing experience I would have never gotten without reporting there. I also get on air-time which provides me with some great sound for my demo reel.



- Angie Wirtanen ‘06