Dance Program

Academic Options and Courses

Dance IllustrationStudents may participate in the Dance Program by choosing from several courses that currently include:

  • Dance Movement I-IV (Modern dance technique, improvisation, and composition)
  • Dance Technique and Composition I-IV (intermediate and advanced modern)
  • Ballet I-IV
  • Theater Dance and Jazz
  • Anatomy and Movement
  • Dance History
  • Teaching Dance for ChildrenDance Illustration
  • Dance Analysis and Criticism
  • Production Dance Performance I-IV
  • Musical Production I-IV
  • Lighting Design
  • Costume Design
  • Senior Project in Dance (concert production/direction)
  • Stagecraft
  • Internships in Dance Teaching
  • Several choices in general theater courses

Students participating the Lyon, France Dance Semester will receive a full semester of academic credit.

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