Dance Program

Dance IllustrationWith active participation in the Dance Program at Franklin Pierce, you will work towards developing their body as a sensitive, strong, and responsive instrument of your creative spirit.  You will learn the value of physical and mental discipline and seek a balance between that discipline and the freedom and risk that is essential to creativity.

There are opportunities to choreograph and perform through the annual Winter Dance Concert, Dance Workshop Performances, a spring Musical Theatre Production, and student-produced concerts.

Franklin Pierce is a member of the American College Dance Festival Association, and each year students have attended the regional festival bringing choreographic work to be shown and adjudicated.  Students also have the possibility of internships with the New Hampshire Dance Institute.


In addition to several courses in modern dance technique and composition, students can study ballet, anatomy, the teaching of dance for children, theatre dance, dance history, and dance criticism.  

The University also offers a dance semester abroad in Lyon, France.  This program takes advantage of the Biennale de la Danse, an extraordinary international dance festival held every other year in the beautiful city of Lyon, known as the “doorway to Provence.”

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