Global Citizenship Certificate

Certificate in Global Citizenship Global citizenship involves understanding the forces that affect cross-cultural connections and being committed to a global community based on human interdependence, equality, and justice. The Global Citizenship program at Franklin Pierce provides students with real information about the people of the world in which they live. It also provides opportunities for students to practice citizenship and leadership skills in a variety of settings. To earn the Global Citizenship Certificate, students must complete four courses, including a gateway course called Global Problems, two electives, and a one-credit senior seminar. They must also either complete a semester's study abroad of at least 12 credits or an internship in their major program that involves international and citizenship dimensions.

What you will gain by completing the certificate program:

  • A global perspective that will serve you well in your personal and professional life no matter what career you choose
  • A description of the program on your résumé, with assistance provided by the Global Citizenship Coordinator
  • Notation on your transcript

  • Want to Know More?

    Global Citizenship Certificate Program SheetFor more information please download the Global Citizenship Certificate Program sheet.


    Dr. Minghua Li