A minor is offered in Philosophy.

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Program of the College at Rindge prides itself in offering a rigorous course of academic study that emphasizes the understanding of philosophical and religious traditions
as a way of developing critical reading, thinking, and expressive skills. We work to empower students to understand and take an active role in their own personal and social growth. Engagement in philosophy and religious studies enriches awareness of the roots of Western culture while fostering openness to other traditions and ways of thinking.

We combine courses in the history of philosophy and traditional philosophical topics with interdisciplinary courses that highlight philosophy's practical applications. Courses in religious studies explore, in the context of the history of ideas, the development and influence of major religious philosophies and symbol systems from ancient to modern times.

Minor Requirements: The Philosophy Minor requires 19 credits, including an Introduction, two history courses (one modern, one not), one "Philosophy at Work" course, one Philosophy seminar, a Philosophy Portfolio, and one Philosophy elective of the student's choosing. No more than two Religious Studies courses may count toward the minor.

Philosophy Curriculum (course descriptions can be found in the Academic Catalog)

Introductory Courses
PA101 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)
PA105 Process of Logical Thinking (3 credits)
PA211 Ancient Philosophy (3 credits)
PA212 Medieval Philosophy (3 credits)
PA214 Modern Philosophy I (3 credits)
PA216 Modern Philosophy II (3 credits)

Philosophy at Work Courses
PA/S0209 Ethics (3 credits)
PA/P0210 Political Theory (3 credits)
PA/ES306 Philosophy of Science and Nature (3 credits)

Advanced Seminars
PA300 Philosophy Portfolio (1 credit)
PA302 Seminar on a Philosophical Topic (3 credits)
PA304 Seminar on a Philosophical Thinker (3 credits)
PA499 Independent Study in Philosophy (3 credits)

Religious Studies
PA151 Introduction to Biblical Thought (3 credits)
PA251 Eastern Religious Thought (3 credits)
PA252 Western Religious Thought (3 credits)
PA260 Mythology (3 credits)

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Program Sheet ThumbnailDownload a Philosophy program sheet to view on screen or print, or view the College at Rindge Academic Catalog for specific degree requirements and course information.


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Jed Donelan
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator - Philosophy and Humanities
B.A., Boston College
Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook