Earn Credit for Life Experience

Receive college credit for what you already know.

Franklin Pierce University gives you college credit for knowledge you've already gained outside of the classroom

If you can answer "yes" to two or more of these statements, you should consider pursuing
credit for prior learning.

  •   I took some college classes but never finished.
  •   I have an associate degree and I want to pursue a bachelor's degree.
  •   I want to earn my bachelor's degree in less than four years.
  •   I have accumulated some certifications and/or professional licenses.
  •   I have a great deal of on-the-job-training.
  •   I have a limited budget.
  •   I am looking for a university that will recognize my work and life experience.

Save time and money.  Apply credits earned toward your bachelor's degree. You'll finish your degree sooner and reduce your tuition costs!

To receive up to 45 college credits, you must enroll in a Franklin Pierce bachelor's degree program and prepare a portfolio that demonstrates the knowledge and skills you've previously acquired. Portfolio preparation instruction is provided in a 3-credit, pass/fail course, which counts as a general elective toward your bachelor's degree. This course helps you identify areas of prior learning and courses for which you can receive credit. You'll also learn how to prepare your portfolio for review.

Franklin Pierce has partnered with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to provide students with the guidance and structure needed to prepare their portfolios. CAEL will assess your finished portfolio and make recommendations for the college credits you should receive.

Download the PDF Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Application.

LearningCounts Partners With Department of Defense

Last year, LearningCounts began a partnership with the Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program that allows military spouses to complete LearningCounts at no cost (paid by SECO to LearningCounts). It is a pilot program aimed at accelerating the attainment of postsecondary education credentials by military spouses. The SECO/LearningCounts website is: http://seco.learningcounts.org/  Franklin Pierce University is listed on the SECO/LearningCounts website as an adult-friendly school.

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