Telecommunications Information

Telephones in student residences

Franklin Pierce University can provide local dial tone to each dorm room and each bedroom in the special living options upon request. If you request dial tone in your room, one analog telephone needs to be provided for making and receiving calls, and accessing 911. Long distance calls can be made by using a calling card, either pre-paid or billed, purchased by the student or parent.

The local dial tone will give you access to the voicemail system (4100) and any on-campus extensions. To access a dial tone to make a local call or to dial a toll-free number, dial 7.

Local telephone exchanges from Rindge are:
Rindge: 899
Fitzwilliam: 585
Peterborough: 924
Jaffrey: 532
Winchendon, Mass. (area code 978, exchange 297)

Voicemail is provided only upon request. If you are a member of a club or organization on campus you may be required to have a campus voicemail. If you live on campus and have requested dial tone in your room, this number can be programmed to ring in your room so that people from off campus can reach you and your personal voicemail directly. You do not need local dial tone in your room to access voicemail.

To request local dial tone and/or a voicemail number, fill out this simple form.

Calling a student in a campus residence
From off campus people can either dial (603) 899-4100 and your voicemail number, if you have one, or call (603) 899-4000 and the campus operator will connect them to your room.

Cell Phone Service
US Cellular is the cellular phone service provider in Rindge, NH. They have installed a repeater on campus, and service is reasonably reliable in most buildings. Verizon Wireless has a reciprocal agreement with US Cellular and service from Verizon is also fairly dependable. Nextel has a tower on Pac Monadnock and their service has recently improved. Rindge is a rural area, surrounded by granite ledges and at the base of Mt. Monadnock. It is beautiful. However cellular phone service is not guaranteed.

TTY and FAX Service

The University provides TTY service for the hearing impaired, located on the first floor of the library and available for student use. The telephone number is 603-899-1125. Faxes can be sent and received 24 hours a day from the Campus Safety building. The fax number is 603-899-4325. There is no cost to receive a fax. Sending a fax costs $1 per page.

Cable Television System

The University Cable Television provides service to all campus residences. Students may bring a television from home to receive Franklin Pierce Cable programming in their residence hall rooms. RG6 quality cables are recommended and may be brought from home or are available for purchase at the University Bookstore. Televisions should be cable ready.


E-mail is the University's official method of communication. E-mail provides faculty, staff and students with an efficient and economical means of communicating among themselves, parents, home and others. Students are required to access their FP e-mail daily for up-to-date community information and individual communications.

provides community members with up-to-date information on events & activities. Students are encouraged to utilize this vehicle.

If you have any questions about Telephone Service, Cable TV, e-mail, or the computer network please call the IT Help Desk at (603) 899-4214.