Financial Aid - Satisfactory Academic Progress

Undergraduate Students - Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students are evaluated for satisfactory academic progress (SAP) at the end of each undergraduate semester.

Credit Hour Programs
Satisfactory academic progress is measured qualitatively, by review of the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA); quantitatively (pace), by review of the rate of progress – the percentage of credits earned vs. attempted; and overall against a maximum timeframe of 150% of the program’s length, measured in attempted credits. Full-time undergraduate students must complete their program within six years (see table below for minimum completion requirements). The academic credit for semesters is earned with a passing grade. Satisfactory progress is defined as a minimum of a 2.00 CGPA and a rate of progress of at least 67%.

Year Number of Credits that must be earned
1 20
2 40
3 60
4 80
5 100
6 120


SAP Status Review
At the SAP checkpoint, a student who is not meeting the SAP requirements for the first time will be placed on a “Financial Aid Warning.” Students on “Financial Aid Warning” who do not meet SAP requirements for the subsequent semester lose financial aid eligibility. To regain aid eligibility after this point, the student must appeal in accordance with the policy described below. Students whose appeals are granted will be placed on “Financial Aid Probation” for the next semester. If students do not meet SAP after the “Financial Aid Probation” period, all federal financial aid eligibility will be lost.

Appeal Process
A student who loses aid eligibility due to failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress may appeal this status. To do so, the student must submit a Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal form and submit it to the Student Financial Services Office for review. If the appeal is granted, a student previously receiving financial aid will regain financial aid eligibility on a financial aid probation status for one semester. The student must regain SAP status by the close of the financial aid probationary semester.

The student’s appeal must address the following:
1.    The basis for the appeal – a description of the special circumstance AND
2.    The reason why the student failed to meet the SAP standard(s) AND
3.    What has changed in the student’s situation so that s/he will now be able to meet SAP standards.

Appeals will be granted on a case by case basis.

Academic Plans
A student appealing the loss of financial aid as a result of failing to meet SAP is strongly encouraged to work with his/her academic advisor in the program of study and formulate an education plan with a Learning Contract; failure to do so could influence the decision on a student’s appeal.

For more information contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 877-372-7347 or