Distinguished Alumni Awards


Alumni Award Nominations Are Open 

The Franklin Pierce University Alumni Association announces a call for nominations for the five Alumni Awards listed below. Nominations may be submitted by any member of the Franklin Pierce Community. The Awards are given annually at the All Alumni Luncheon during Alumni Reunion Weekend (June 5-7).

The deadline for nominations is March 31. Any nominations received after March 31 will be held for consideration for the 2016 Awards.

Alumni Participation Award Nomination Form
Frank S. DiPietro Award Nomination Form
Leader of Conscience Award Nomination Form
Outstanding Service Award Nomination Form
Power of the Raven Award Nomination Form

Questions? Contact: alumni@franklinpierce.edu or call 877-372-2586 (toll free U.S. only) or (603) 899-4030 (Country Code 011 for International Calls).

Outstanding Service

Presented to an individual who has provided exemplary service to Franklin Pierce. The nominee will have demonstrated strong characteristics of leadership, commitment, and influence on programs and/or activities at the University. Recipients may be selected from past or present members of the faculty, staff, alumni, or friends of the University.

2014   Patricia Kirsh '70

2013 Kenneth M. Ervin '96, '03 1997 Marion Austin
2012 Cindy Arman 1996 Martha Scott
2011 Andrea Brode '91, '99 1994 Donald Schriefer
2010 Jean St. Pierre 1993 Edward McDonnell
2009 James Maybury 1992 Francis Moriarty
2008 Robert Condon 1991 Dorothy Peterson
2007 David Brandes 1990 Frederic Robbins ~ Posthumously
2006 Lucy Shonk 1990 Robert Alvin
2005 Robert Lawson 1990 Apollon Valakis
2004 Stella van Renesse-Walling 1989 Emily Flint
2003 Normand A.  Dion 1988 Howard Sargent
2003 Joan R. Dion 1988 Kenneth Marrer
2002 Bruce Kirsh '71 1987 Wheeler Merriam
2001 Thomas Desrosiers 1987 Clifford Coles
2000 Janice Murphy 1987 Blanche St. Peter

Power of the Raven Award

Presented to an alumnus/a who has used their degree from Franklin Pierce University in their career after graduating. The Power of the Raven Award was started in 2012. This new award represents and honors alumni contributions to their field. The award is given to those celebrating their Reunion Year at Alumni Reunion Weekend.

2014 Jennifer Scott Forry ‘04
2013 Scott Babitts '73
2013 Brian P. Nichols '09

Alumni Participation Award

Presented to an alumnus/a whose participation in alumni activities is worthy of recognition. The recipient will have demonstrated characteristics of leadership, creativity and commitment that have had a positive effect on the advancement of alumni relations at the University.

2014   Kimberly Cook Neher ‘89

2013 Arthur W. Fink '72
2013 Marcy Fink '73
2012 Rick Falconi '69
2011 Nicole A. Torday '98 -- Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award
2010 Melissa Conway '98
2009 Henry Ellis '69
2008 Libby Richardson '98
2007 Therese Ledwith Fay '82
2006 Kurt Muhlfelder '82
2005 Gregory Doody '92
2005 Wendy Slate Berman '95
2005 Stephen Robbins '80
2004 Sharon Stein '71
2004 Matthew Reiss '82
2003 Stephen Robbins '80
2002 John Eason '67
2001 Matthew Palladino '86
2000 Steven Scott '79
1997 John Cronin, III '73
1996 Carmine Giangreco '66
1994 Donald Schriefer
1993 David Wilson '77
1992 Richard Rettig '71
1990 Lloyd Astmann '69
1989 Carleen Farrell '71
1988 Brant Elkind '71
1987 John Burke '66
1987 Saul Ostroff '69

Leader of Conscience

Consistent with the goals of the Franklin Pierce University Statement of Institutional Vision, the Alumni Leader of Conscience Award is given to the alumnus/a who demonstrates high levels of intellect and character. This individual is balanced in weighing options; decisive in pursuing a chosen course; open to new ideas; seeking always to improve upon the current condition; careful in the judgment of others; gentle in the care of the souls of those they influence; and inspirational and nurturing of similar qualities in others.  

2014   Kerry Stein '90
2013   Paul M. Goyette '94
2012   John Washington '83
2011   Derek Scalia '05
2010   Andrew M. Cohen '73
2009   L. James Santerre '66
2008   Temple Grandin '70
2007   Robert Patterson '69
2006   Carleen Farrell '71
2005   Stephen Robbins '80
2004   Helen Astmann '69
2004   Lloyd Astmann '69
2003   Eugene Schiavone '69

Frank S. DiPietro Award

Created at the start of Franklin Pierce University’s 50th Anniversary in 2012, The Frank S. DiPietro Award was designed to honor an alum entrepreneur who believes in the power of giving back, not only to his/her community, but to his/her alma mater as well. In the spirit of its namesake and founding President of Franklin Pierce, Frank S. DiPietro, this award focuses on alumni who share Frank’s entrepreneurial spirit and the consistent contribution to one’s community.

Service to Alumni Award

[No longer making awards in this category.] Presented to an individual who has provided exemplary service to Franklin Pierce alumni. This individual has demonstrated strong characteristics of leadership, commitment, and influence on programs and/or activities that have enhanced the Alumni Association.
2009 Dr. George J. Hagerty
1994 Walter Peterson
1991 Clarisse A. Wallace

Alumni Appreciation Award

[No longer making awards in this category.] The award was presented in 1996 to the founders of the Alumni Association.
Robert S. Bein '68
Loel L. Green '66
Virginia Tiani Kilduff '69
Saul M. Ostroff '69
Raymond G. Schank '69
Mary Jane Sheldon-Mckenzie '69
Stephen M. Weiner '69