The Fitz15 Funding Priorities

The Fitzwater Center Studio Grouping

  • Establish the University as a leading center for learning in (and application of) emergent technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and robotics
  • Upgrade technology in the studio facilities, television station, edit suites and audio production suite

Immersive Student Media Experiences

  • Covering the quadrennial Presidential Election, including the Iowa Caucuses, the NH Primary, the national political conventions and the Inauguration
  • Working as interns on professional productions, such as in Hollywood or New York
  • Covering FPU away games, including post-season play, for Raven Sports Network, which supports our new sports media major
  • Attending national student media conferences

Visiting Fitzwater Fellow
Media professionals to follow in the footsteps of ABC's Ann Compton, the Associated Press's Terry Hunt and presidential photographer David Valdez and spend time on the Campus at Rindge, in classes and the studios, working and talking directly with the students at least once per semester.

Raven Sports Network Internet Radio Station

  • Enable the expansion of WFPC-LP 105.3 FM into Internet radio, providing a vehicle for undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in sports media to develop competitive resumes and demo reels, while covering the nationally recognized Ravens athletics teams and providing a revenue stream for the Fitzwater Center.

Naming opportunities are available for your contribution to any of these funding priorities within the Fitzwater Future Fund.

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