The time is now. The opportunity is ours.

Petrocelli Hall
Petrocelli Hall, a new academic building to house the Behavioral Sciences, Fine Arts and Humanities divisions, was completed in the Fall of 2008.

Our confidence in the future led us to make the significant change to become a university in 2007. It was time to anchor our public identity in the reality of our accomplishments and become a university. Now itis time to invest new resources to advance a culture of excellence so our move to university status achieves its true potential. Our vision is that future generations of Franklin Pierce students receive a sustained quality of education to succeed in work and life.

The foundation is laid; our vision beckons us; and the path to success is clearly set before us. Please join us as we put in place the buildings, technology and other structures that support exceptional teaching. Your investment will help us realize our true potential. The time is now. The opportunity is ours.