Parents Fund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does Franklin Pierce University need to fundraise?

Why have a Parents Fund?  Aren’t parents paying enough already?

How does the Parents Fund fit into the larger Annual Fund campaign?

What are the recommended giving levels for the Parents Fund?

I can only give a small amount.  Why should I give?

I have the ability to make a large donation.  Why should I give?

Where do Parents Fund donations go?

Can I designate my gift to a specific program or initiative?

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Can I give in honor of someone, or in memory of someone?

When does Franklin Pierce’s fiscal year start and end?

What industry standards does the Parents Fund hold itself to?

How can I increase the impact of my gift?

Can I donate online?


We appreciate each and every gift as well as each donor.  Thank you!

Questions? Contact:
The Alumni Office
(603) 899-4301