Gifts of Stock

Pappas Field

Stock transfers or gifts of stock allow you to make a non-cash contribution to Franklin Pierce University. Just like a cash gift, you can designate your gift to the fund of your choice.  Many donors choose to let the University determine the best use of funds by donating to the Unrestricted Fund.

It is our policy to sell stock gifts upon receipt unless otherwise specified by the donor. The University uses Wells Fargo for securities and/or stock transfers.  For stock held by a broker, following these easy steps will enable your valued gift to begin making a difference for students at Franklin Pierce quickly and easily:

1.  Advise Franklin Pierce University and your broker of your intention prior to making your stock gift. Franklin Pierce University - The Center for Engagement - (603) 899-4030 or email

2.  Your broker will initiate the transfer of stock to Wells Fargo by providing the following information to the Trust Administrator:

  • Donor's name
  • Broker's name, telephone and fax number
  • Name, number of shares and CUSIP of stock to be gifted
  • Any particular designation requested

3.  Wells Fargo will provide current delivery instructions and will work with your broker to ensure proper delivery and acceptance of your gift

4.  Franklin Pierce University will provide you with a receipt showing the value of your gift on the day that it was transferred from your broker.

If you would like more information about making a lasting gift to Franklin Pierce University, please call (603) 899-4030 or email