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Orientation and Transition into a new community is a process. At Franklin Pierce University that process begins with summer STEP Days prior to matriculation. It then continues with POWA (Pre-Orientation Wilderness Adventure) Program for those selecting to participate and Opening Weekend. Opening Weekend is a three day experience for all new students which includes Move-In Day, Academic Convocation, Orientation Sessions and Team Building events.

Student Involvement Staff with the assistance of student leaders and members of the campus community designs and facilitates the Fall and Winter Orientation Programs. Orientation is the University's opportunity to welcome new students, to help ease their transition and serves as a sounding board and support system for all new students. Each new student is assigned to a Peer Group which is supported throughout the 1st Semester by a volunteer Peer Leader. The objective is to educate and integrate new students in a non- threatening way into the academic and co-curricular life of the College at Rindge. The Peer Group corresponds directly with a new student’s Freshman Seminar Class, taught and advised by a member of the Faculty. Workshops, team building, speakers and social events are developed to promote active participation among new students.

After the Opening Weekend, new and continuing students are encouraged and provided opportunities to become involved with their campus community. For some students the process is quick and straight forward. For others it is a quest to balance …


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