Meet the Pre-Orientation Wilderness Adventure Program Staff

Program Director Doug Carty

  • Doug Carty, Pre-Orientation Wilderness Advernture Program DirectorAssociate Degree of Applied Science in Adventuresports, May 2001
  • Bachelor’s Degree, General Studies, May 2006
  • Outdoor Recreation Coordinator, Franklin Pierce  University, August 2001- July 2002
  • Director of Campus Recreation, Franklin Pierce  University, July 2002- Present
  • Pre-Orientation Wilderness Adventure Program Director, January 2009- Present

Favorite Outdoor Activity: “I’d call it a three way split between kayaking, rock climbing and sailing”

What you like to do outdoors at Franklin Pierce? “Exploring the trail systems is always an adventure- you never know what you’ll find out there.”

Favorite Backcountry Meal: “I’ve never been much of a cook and sometimes it’s the ease in making the meal that matters most after a long hike/paddle/bike ride.  So, although not the healthiest choice- I crack open a few Ramen noodle packages…”

Most interesting non-domestic animal spotted while out in the woods: “I was hiking through the woods near my parent’s house with my yellow lab when I came into an overgrown field.  The saplings ahead were grouped in a circle shape.  When I approached a bull moose stood up right in front of me.  He had been keeping to the shade in the middle of all the saplings.  Thankfully my dog spooked him by barking otherwise I was sure I was going to end up with hooves imprinted on my chest.  There was the time I bumped into a 300 pound black bear while hiking the Franklin Pierce trail system- but the moose was frightful because he just only three feet in front of me and two feet taller.”

Favorite quote: “I am the Lizard King, I can do anything.” -Jim Morrison