New Student On-Campus Housing Preference Questionnaire

In an effort to assist the Department of Residential Life with housing assignments, we ask that the student honestly answer the following questionnaire. The information supplied will be used to match you with an appropriate roommate(s). When you've completed the form, click the Submit button and the form will be electronically sent to the Residential Life Office. You will receive your Housing Contract during the first week of June.

If your intention is to live off-campus, please fill out the New Student Off-Campus Housing Petition.

For more information, contact Residential Life at 603.899.4176 or

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To help us best match you with a roommate, respond to the following:

1. Student Status:
2. Do you smoke?
Note: all Freshmen & Sophomore residence halls are non-smoking
3. My music preference is:   If Other, please specify:
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5. I usually study in:   with
6. I intend to major in:
7. I usually keep my room:
8. I am usually:
9. I want to live in Wellness Housing:
10. I usually go to bed:
11. The top three ways
I like to spend my time are:



If you selected Other for one of the above selections, please specify:

12. Sports or Athletics I prefer:

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For Fun    On an Athletic Team 

For Fun

13. I am allergic to:
14. Do you know an incoming student you would like to live with?

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Please make sure that both you and your future roommate(s) indicate your intentions to live together. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.


What would you like us to know about you as we attempt to place you with a roommate?

16. An email (to your Franklin Pierce email account) with the name(s) of your roommate(s) and their contact information in August if you are enrolling in the fall semester or in December if you are enrolling in the spring semester. This will provide you the opportunity to communicate and discuss plans about living together.