New Student Off-Campus Housing Petition

Franklin Pierce is a residential university committed to educating our students in the classroom as well as in the residential halls. As such, we believe that residing at the University is a valuable component of the total educational and developmental experience of being a Franklin Pierce student. Each student is required to reside in University housing unless petitioned to and approved by the Director of Residential Life.

Please complete the form below to petition for off-campus housing. Required fields are marked with asterisks (*).

The Director of Residential Life will review the information you provide in this form as your petition and make the final decision regarding your intention.

Please note the following guidelines: 

  • Simply wanting to live off-campus is not an extenuating circumstance.
  • Your request must stand on its own merits. Circumstances involving other students’ petitions will not be factored into the decision making process.
  • DO NOT sign a lease or make any commitments to a landlord before receiving notice of your petition being approved.
  • Housing contracts are signed for the full academic year. Therefore, a request for off-campus housing in the spring must demonstrate extreme circumstances, as it requires your binding contract with the University to be broken.
  • Once approved to move off-campus, if the student wishes to move back onto campus, a room is not guaranteed. Furthermore, the student will be given the lowest priority to be housed.

For more information, contact Residential Life at 603.899.4176 or

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Date of Birth*: (xx/xx/xxxx)
Sex*: Male    Female
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Please select a Meal Plan for the semester*: (Current prices are for 2016-2017)
All access, 2 guest passes, & $150 in dining dollars for $5300 per year   
15 meals per week, 2 guest passes & 100 in dining dollars for $4789 per year
100 meals & $200 in dining points for $2618 per year
5 meals per week & $200 in dining dollars for $1260 per year
No meal plan
Off-Campus Address*:
Off-Campus Phone*: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Reason for Off-Campus Housing Request*:
Living with parent/guardian. Mail [USPS] letter of permission and a photocopy of his/her driver’s license to verify address.
Living with spouse and /or children. Mail [USPS] marriage or child’s birth certificate.
(Financial hardship). Explain your financial hardship in the text area below (provide a budget).
 Medical/Health. Explain medical situation below and mail [USPS] a note from your care provider documenting the problem.
Other. Please choose one and explain below: 

Terms & Conditions*: I give permission for University officials to verify my responses and to obtain other relevant information pertaining to my housing.