Residential Life at Franklin Pierce

Residence hall living can be one of the most meaningful experiences in your time at Franklin Pierce University. The time you spend in your living community with other students will provide you with many lasting memories and friendships. The Residential Life staff is here to assist you in making the transition from your home to your residence hall and then, once you have "settled in," to continue to be of assistance to you throughout your residential experience.

Residential life

Student Housing

To better enhance each student's residential experience,all class levels (First Year, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) are housed separately. This delineation is meant to promote community development within the same class standing to better meet the academic and social needs of each group. Besides living amongst peers, Residential Life and Student Activities provide community events to bridge classroom learning to residential living. This enables students to establish meaningful relationships with their peers while engaging in large or small group activities. Learn more about specific housing options.

Residential Services

Franklin Pierce is a residential university. As such, living in university housing facilities is viewed as an integral component of the total developmental and educational experience provided to students. Campus living directly contributes to the sense of community, which enriches the Franklin Pierce experience. Students enjoy and benefit from varied living environments, which provide opportunities for personal choice and the development of life management skills. Learn more about residential services.


Here you'll find easy access to all the forms you need to secure your housing at Franklin Pierce University. This includes a questionnaire for your housing preference and your housing contract. The Residential Life Forms Page also contains links to important information that will ensure a safe and enjoyable living experience at Franklin Pierce, including the University's Social Gathering Policy and Guide to Successful Living. For forms, see the right of this page.

Residential Life Staff

Experience Directors
are professional staff members that live in the residence halls and oversee the development of their residents. Each has the experience and skill to supervise, provide leadership and act as a role model for their respective staffs. Experience Directors are responsible for establishing a civil and respectful living community while promoting student involvement in the University community. They also serve as a Judicial Officer and are responsible for meeting with their residents when alleged policy violations occur.

Graduate Assistants are professional staff members who reside in campus housing. Their role is to be an adult presence within their area, uphold University policy, as well as assist their respective Experience Director in day-to-day tasks.

Community Assistants are carefully selected upper-class student leaders who assist in developing a safe and healthy community. Community Assistants fulfill many roles including programming, administration and policy enforcement. They are familiar with the University's goals, services, policies and procedures. Community Assistants and Graduate Assistants are directly supervised by the Experience Directors. Meet the Residential Life staff.

For more information, contact Residential Life at 603.899.4176 or