Spiritual Life


By virtue of the nature of a liberal arts university, Franklin Pierce encourages and supports cultural, social, and religious diversity. We provide opportunities for students to connect with faith communities, to find fellowship and practice their beliefs.  Spiritual Life is an endeavor to honor the impulse to meaning making that is an integral part of the human being along with the mind and body. Franklin Pierce University attempts to honor all three.


The Center for Spiritual Life is a place set apart for the exploration of those things Spiritual.  The Center is committed to planning, developing, providing and offering space and programs, gatherings and services to address the spiritual needs of our community that enrich its cultural / spiritual life. The program promotes and encourages meditation, prayer, study, personal / social growth and deeper human conversation, understanding and connection.


We hold a Vision/Mission of a Center and space designated solely for the purposes of the Spiritual Life of our campus. We tend to the nurturing of the Soul and Spirit, that part of us that longs for meaning, value, service, spiritual support and guidance, deeper contemplation, reflection and the building of community through asking the questions of meaning: Who am I? Why am I here? What does my education have to do with my spiritual values? Do I even have spiritual values?

Call or email Bill Beardslee, Associate Director for Student Involvement and Director of Spiritual Life, 899-4188 or

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