Student Affairs Leadership & Philosophy


At Franklin Pierce, leadership is part of the social process, something that happens between people. It occurs in every day settings, balancing involvement and personal aspirations. Students are encouraged to find experiences on the campus that will help develop their leadership style.  They gain and enhance leadership skills through active participation within the campus community. Student leaders are challenged and supported by professional staff members and peers to make the most of their experience. There are numerous avenues for students interested in making a positive impact.


The Division of Student Affairs embraces an inclusive model of leadership in an effort to enhance student learning and facilitate positive social change. “Inclusive Leadership” is based on a commitment to dignity, civility, equality, democracy and transformation of people. It is the ability of a person to work with others and requires strengths and abilities not normally associated with patriarchal leadership:
Assuming a leadership role helps define them as individual members of this community, and contributes to an evolving definition of what this community will be.

Leadership Opportunities

Emergency Medical Technician

Members of the EMS Squad (EMTs) are nationally certified volunteer students that provide appropriate medical care for the campus community.  Students are on call 24 hours a day, and assigned regular duty shifts.  Volunteers render aid to any student in need, from routine or referral services up to management of life threatening situations.  The Squad is supervised by the Director of Health Services. They are trained to follow protocols from the State of New Hampshire.

Peer Leader (PL)
Peer Leaders are an integral part of the new student experience.  These volunteer leaders work with first year students through Orientation and assist professors with the Freshman Seminar Class.  Recruitment and training begins in the spring and continues in late August.  In September, PL’s play an integral role in coordinating and executing Orientation events, which are designed for fun, teaching, and the development of lasting friendships as freshmen begin a new life here at Franklin Pierce.  They model to their individual groups how to learn from and listen to others, as well as how to live and act responsibly in the midst of a world of new choices.  They provide opportunities for 1st year students to connect with each other, the campus, and surrounding community.  Candidates must be in good social standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to be eligible. 

Community Assistant (CA)
Community Assistants play an integral part in the residential experience of our students.  They assist in the transition to college and the overall growth of the student by providing social, developmental, and educational programs.  Besides building a residential community, each CA serves as a role model for his/her residents. Candidates must be in good social standing and have a minimum GPA and cumulative GPA of 2.5 to be eligible.

Student Government Association (SGA)
The Franklin Pierce University Student Government Association is made up of dedicated student representatives working to make positive change for the student body. As student representatives, members of the SGA are concerned with the issues and policies that affect the campus community. In addition to being an advocate for the student body, the SGA also funds the programs, speakers, conferences and trips put on by recognized clubs and classes which enrich campus life and the Franklin Pierce experience. Membership size is approximately 60 students and meets weekly.

Pierce Activities Council (PAC)
The Pierce Activities Council is dedicated to planning and implementing a wide variety of social and educational activities for the community. Membership to PAC is open to all current students on the Rindge Campus. Some of the events that PAC puts together include: comedians, concerts, bus trips, guest speakers, special events, Frankie P Fridays and more.

Other Opportunities

Institutional Committees (SGA Appointed)
Club Leadership
Student Judicial Board
Community Service Student Manager
Alternative Spring Break Team Leader
Franklin Pierce Fire Company