A.L.A.NA at Franklin Pierce


What is A.L.A.NA?

A.L.A.NA stands for African American, Latino(a), Asian, and Native American. A.L.A.NA is a term that is creative, unique and symbolic of pride. Currently there are more than 30 colleges and universities using some form of this acronym on their campus.

Goals of the A.L.A.NA Program

  • Providing support services and programs for A.L.A.NA students
  • Empowering A.L.A.NA students to take ownership of their education
  • Encouraging A.L.A.NA students to take advantage of leadership opportunities

A.L.A.NA Center

The purpose of the A.L.A.NA Center is to provide a physical space for students, faculty and staff to use for public/educational functions, meetings and social gatherings. Most importantly the A.L.A.NA Center is a place where Multiculturalism is front and center. The A.L.A.NA Center is a space where everyone can feel welcomed and appreciated and through a sense of community, encourage and educate others about the significance and contributions of everyone, regardless of heritage.

Speaker Event - Lee Mun Wah - Nov 13

An Unfinished Conversation

Participant Questionnaire

Members of ALANA


The Mentoring Program provides a supportive network between first year students and upper-class students at Franklin Pierce University. The purpose of this program is to foster mentoring relationships that benefit A.L.A.NA members through ongoing guidance, companionship, and encouragement. Mentors and undergraduate students identify academic and/or personal goals for the upcoming year. The A.L.A.NA program also welcomes participants to attend social and educational group gatherings.

A.L.A.NA Student Story

"Getting involved in A.L.A.NA was a great way for me to feel a sense of community and pride. All it takes is time, passion and dedication. Remember to always surround yourself with people who will positively influence you to push yourself beyond limits that you couldn't have imagined."

Kutendereza "Tukie" Babumba class of 2007